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Other Solutions


Fidelity Guarantee - Frauds and dishonesty in contractual obligations are a part of the business world. To safeguard business from unscrupulous individuals Fidelity Guarantee Insurance ensures that organizations don't suffer due to some dangerous apples among them. This policy generally covers financial loss sustained as a result of any act of fraud or dishonesty committed by the staff within the course of performance of their duties.

Money Insurance - money is central to an organization’s workings.

From profits to costs – money covers each space and goes through several transactions. The Money insurance policy loosely covers loss of money in transit by the insured or insured’s authorized employee(s) or money held in safe within the Insured’s premises

Plate Glass Insurance - From showrooms, window displays to offices and a lot of – glass is pricey and fragile. It will be shattered by a random act of violence / riots and more. The plate glass Insurance covers accidental breakage of glass whilst placed at the Insured's premises from any cause apart from those specifically excluded within the Policy. The policy is ideally suited for all business establishments that have plate glass installed to enhance their visual and aesthetic appeal like showrooms, shopping complexes, restaurants, hotels, theatres, stadiums, etc.

Neon Sign Insurnace - This Policy covers loss or harm to neon sign by accidental external suggests that, fire, lightning, external explosion, theft or malicious act.

Group Insurance - A business is run by human, conjointly referred to as human resource. To protect the staff and key personnel from risks, the most effective solution for any organization can be group insurance. It consists of:

  • Group Health Insurance : Covers Medical and Hospitalization risks of staff and their members of the family.
  • Group Accidental Insurance : Covers Accidental Risk within or outside business premise, generally taken for Employees Only
  • Group Travel Insurance : Business travel is a vital a part of almost each organisation. Fact is traveling in India or worldwide comes with bound risks and responsibilities.

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