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Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance is a coverage that is bought for Cars, Two Wheelers, Trucks and different vehicles that ply on roads. The main objective of motor insurance is to supply complete protection of the insured vehicle against physical injury or loss from ruinous and artificial calamities. Any vehicle running on Indian Roads needs to have obligatory Vehicle Insurance. Vehicle insurance might in addition provide monetary protection against felony of the vehicle, and against damage to the vehicle sustained from events other than traffic collisions, such as keying, weather or natural disasters, and damage acquired by colliding with stationary objects.

It provides accident cover for individual owners of the vehicle whereas driving and conjointly for passengers and third party legal liability. There are certain general insurance firms who conjointly provide online insurance service for the vehicle. The insurance firms have tie-ups with leading automobile makers.

The claims of the automobile insurance in India are often accidental, theft claims or third party claims. In India one cannot claim auto insurance without some certain documents, like duly signed claim form, RC copy of the vehicle, driving license copy, FIR copy, original estimate and policy copy.

There are different types of automobile insurance in India:

Private car insurance – private car insurance is that the quickest growing sector in India because it is obligatory for all the new cars. The amount of premium depends on the creation and worth of the car, state wherever the car is registered and therefore the year of manufacture.

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Two Wheeler Insurance – This covers accidental insurance for the drivers of the vehicle. The amount of premium depends on the present showroom worth increased by the rate of depreciation fastened by the Tariff consolatory Committee at the start of a policy amount.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance – commercial Vehicle Insurance in India provides cover for all the vehicles that don't seem to be used for personal purposes like trucks and HMVs. The amount of premium depends on the showroom price of the vehicle at the commencement of the insurance period, make of the vehicle and the place of registration of the vehicle.

The auto insurance generally includes: Loss or harm unintentionally, fire, lightning, self-ignition, external explosion, burglary, breaking and entering or felony, malicious act Liability for third party injury/death, third party property and liability to paid driver on payment of appropriate additional premium, loss/damage to electrical/electronic accessories.

Third Party Insurance - The cover is the least obligatory cover in India. It covers damage by the insured vehicle to any third person or property. The policy does not offer any direct profit to the insured. Considering the high range and poor conditions of road, Motor Insurance has become a necessity to drive on the Indian roads. A few personal insurers provide an oversized range of different further covers at some additional worth which may be very helpful for your vehicle’s entire security like:

Nil Depreciation cover | Consumables cover | Engine Protection cover | 24x7 roadside assistance cover | Tyre and Key Protection cover |NCB Protection cover |Return to Invoice | Car Replacement cover and plenty of more...

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