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Rakesh Kumar(Managing Director) at Square Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd.

Rakesh Kumar

Chairman & Managing Director

Mr. Rakesh Kumar (The Chairman & Managing Director of Square Insurance) harmonizes a copybook cum out-and-out example of being a victorious entrepreneur, a motivational figurehead and a man who takes care of his entire business family. Being a state-of-the-art and unflagging visionary, he incepted the seeds of SIBPL in 2017 with deep-rooted ethics and strictly followed core/cultural values. Under his self-evident leadership skills, SIBPL has soon transformed itself into a mammoth and the most believed-in corporate and individual insurance brand of Rajasthan. Mr. Rakesh, with his high-powered 16 years of acquaintance with business development and client relationship management, today has trusted executive relationships with abundant esteemed corporate entities. His unfaltering skills and competence such as expanding productivity, the timely achievement of objectives, perfect foresightedness through SWAT analysis and sent present track record of client gratification database, makes him a household name whose work speaks ear-piercing than his words. Experts of the Insurance Industry say that the indomitable place occupied by SIBPL in the market today is all due to the exemplary visionary and inimitable strive of its Chairman & Managing Director Mr. Rakesh Kumar. He believes in keeping his mouth shut and letting success make the best of noise. While motivating his employees, he claims, “Who doesn’t want to outstretch the pinnacle of the mountain? We all set one’s heart on to do it, right. But, during this process, we forget that climbing is the most important thing as ultimately it is because of climbing that we reach the top. So, do memorize that it is the journey that makes the destination special. Enjoy your work with dedication and perfection, meanwhile, success and appreciation will follow you on its own. We are the best POSP insurance company in India and our functionality should reflect the same”.

Having prodigious experience of more than 16 years and familiarity with the field of insurance, Mr. Sunil Kumar is currently serving Square Insurance Brokers Private Limited as a Chief Executive Officer. Being a vital part of the organization since the inception days, he has expanded his expertise in team lead management with the overall execution of work. Succeeding a commerce graduate degree, he completed his master's in business administration from the prestigious institute of IIIM. He also handles the forecasting, planning, and strategic development wing of the company. On enquiring about the work atmosphere, Mr. Sunil delightedly quotes,” I feel honored to lead a wonderful and supportive team in Square Broker. This company provided me enough opportunities to showcase my exceptional consulting capabilities and innovative thinking. I am intimately satisfied to lend my services as a CEO”. His zestful and energetic attitude is always of great assistance to his subordinates.


Sunil Kumar

Chief Executive Officer


Ankita Rohila

HOD (Human Resource Manager)

Someone has said that women are born to be on the top and rule, and it seems that Ms. Ankita Rohila has inculcated this line by heart. Legatee of several skillful attributes which speaks for her without uttering a word; she is the recruitment pillar of the company from the start and is fulfilling the responsibility of Human Resource Manager solely and handsomely. If we go through her qualifications we will find that she has gathered not only a masters’ degree in HRM but also an M.Sc. degree in microbiology, after which she also assisted Silver Square Corporation. Having expertise in management and a fabulous working experience of over five years on the same post, the ‘Best Women Achiever Award in 2019’ is merely a small achievement of her professional journey. Apart from her clutch on management and recruitment, she even holds a Guinness World Record in dance. “I always try to make working functionality of all the employees of Square Insurance by one-to-one continuous and comprehensive dialogues and problem-solution deliberation sessions. I am more than jovial to work with SIBPL, because here we manufacture top insurance brokers in India”.

Born and brought up in Jaipur, Mr. Nitin Gupta is currently designated at the post of President - Strategic Alliance (Emerging & Commercial Line) in SIBPLs. He accomplished his studies with Post Graduation Diploma in Management. Before joining the company in August 2017, he gathered advantageous and notable working experience in the insurance sector for more than 11 years. In this process, he held posts like Assistant Sales Manager in various business organizations. These are the prominent reasons why today he is considered as a self-evident persona who is frequently playing a vital part in the successful journey of our business entity. Being the possessor of several awards such as the Leader Board Award (2017-18), Best Innovative Award (2017-18) and Best Leadership Award (2018), Mr. Nitin holds speciality in both, motor and non-motor insurance. According to his beliefs, “Square Insurance Company is the best place to work. The work culture of SIBPL is wonderful.”


Nitin Gupta

President - Strategic Alliance (Emerging & Commercial Line)


Sahil Kumar Arora

President - Virtual Office & Investment Alliance

Before joining Square Insurance, Mr. Sahil Kumar Arora was serving HDFC Ergo as an Assistance Vice President. On witnessing his extensive services and workflow management, the governing body of Square Insurance cordially invited him to amalgamate, after which Mr. Sahil joined the company in January 2020. Possessing a valuable experience of 15 years and bestowed with several internal organizational awards, both of which are directly allied to the field of insurance, Mr. Sahil is currently serving as the Head of Dept (President - Virtual Office & Investment Alliance). His grip and holdings on motor insurance, channel management and distribution are of supreme level. With an MBA degree and consolidate knowledge of the field, with extreme skills to make customers satisfied all the time, Mr. Sahil is serving Square Insurance with relevant perception and penetration. He says, “I genuinely felt very optimistic when Mr. Rakesh Choudhary offered me this post at Square Insurance. The entire team is very dedicated to accomplishing common objectives. Our digital process is well equipped; it is easy to access not only for the employees but also for the channel partners and customers. I can easily claim SIBPL as the best online insurance company”.

Possessing a master’s degree in commerce and carrying a valuable experience of 7 years, today Mr. Gourav Bhardwaj is designated on the post of HOD (Operations) in SIBPL. He joined Square Insurance in October 2017, before which he was a part of TOYOTA. Skills such as supreme proficiency in his field with extraordinary team building and leading ability make him a special part of our company. The professional path of Mr. Gourav clearly portrays how you can be one of the best general insurance brokers in India. His expertise is in health, motor and non-motor insurance, and excels in providing individualistic solutions to corporate groups. According to him, “Unique features of SIBPL are relaxed and productive atmosphere; open and honest communication between management and employees; providing ample of opportunities to learn and grow. I feel honored to be a part of it”.


Gourav Bhardwaj

Head of Dept (Operations)


Manoj Kumawat

HOD (Large Market)

Mr. Manoj Kumawat is an intrinsic character of Square Insurance Brokers Private Limited since the start of the organization. His profitable experience of 16 years in the sector of insurance makes him an owner of assorted skills such as client handling and retention, valuation of vehicles, claim estimation and clearing, team building and managing art. He is a pronounced motivator and kingpin not only for his team but also for other employees of the SIBPL. Being the HOD since day one, he acts as a perfect balancing figure between his superiors and subordinates. Motor insurance and fleet management are his expertise for which he has also been bestowed with awards such as ‘Dedicated employee of the year’. Being a possessor of B.Sc. in Information and Technology, he sometimes also gives his fruitful suggestions while setting up technological infrastructure in the company. Without a single doubt, you can point out Mr. Manoj as one of the best motor insurance brokers in India. He exclaims. “Ours is the front-row insurance company and we all work tirelessly to maintain this position. A hundred percent customer satisfaction ratio is our USP”.

Mr. Vishmadev is another star performer of Square Insurance. His agility and smart decision have always marked achievements and added various features to his cap. With the academic background of Masters in Business Administration, Mr. Vishmadev felt a fire that was burning to work hard and accomplish new heights of success. He owns a rich experience in retail management to ensure everything is going at the right place at the right time. Mr. Vishmadev is a true star at Square Insurance.


Vishmadev Parida

National Head - Techno Support (Health, Non Motor & Life)

Kamal Singh Panwar-HOM Vertical HOD

Kamal Singh Panwar

HOD (Evolving Market)

Mr. Kamal is a proven strength of Square Insurance and with his ambitious approach, he makes sure everything is going in the right direction. He is associated with the insurance sector for a decade and undoubtedly he can deal with any discrepancies. He is also considered a hard worker, team player, who is always willing to work and deliver in extreme situations. Mr. Kamal has started his professional journey with ICICI Lombard Gic Ltd. from Feb 08 To May 2009 at Jaipur, Raj. and later he went on to expand his experience with HDFC Ergo General Insurance Co. in May. 2009 to May 2011, in two cities of Rajasthan Alwar & Ajmer Raj as a Unit In-charge. To gather more insights he joined TATA AIG General Insurance Ltd. in May. 2011 to Jan 2017. Due to his dedication and extreme ambition in mind, he began his journey with Square Insurance as a Head of Department HOD (Evolving Market). He is taking various responsibilities on his shoulder starting from team handling PAN India, to coordinating with the Principal Company Manager from another part of the country. He also boasts multiple awards for highest business achievement and most distinguished POS for the company.

Neeraj Bhardwaj is a well-known personality in the insurance industry. With over 20 years of experience, he has explored a lot and worked with numerous industries. Though, with tremendous experience, he is serving the Square Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd. with a designation in the Commercial Line of business as a product Head of the company. With his extraordinary skills like marketing strategy skills, excellent negotiable skills, oratory, and communication skills, he adds value to our company's growth. Talking about his education and life, He was born and brought up in Chandigarh, and then he pursued Law at a well-known university Punjab University. Along with this, he acquired a diploma in Marketing & Sales. Moreover, apart from his professional life, he is well stable in his personal life. With a blissful married life, he had one son and a daughter. Overall, he has a mantra in life that states that he always learns new things in day-to-day life. At last, he is a cheerful personal who has a mind-blowing positive atmosphere and with had a brilliant work ethic in SIBPL.

neeraj bhardwaj product head Commercial line

Neeraj Bhardwaj

Product Head (Commercial Line)

pankaj gupta product head Commercial line

Pankaj Gupta

National Head (Commercial Line)

In the insurance sector, Pankaj Gupta is well-known for his persona. He has more than seven years of experience in the BFSI sector, including more than Five years in non-EB & EB profiles for commercial lines. Pankaj Gupta has handled all insurance-related issues, from start-up to closure, including claims and claims management. He also offers advice on how to take advantage of business opportunities through high-quality services and goods.

He has also worked with other companies to build strong relationships, which has helped him gain exposure to various industries. He has worked on both sides of the table, which gives him a unique perspective that can help you grow your business by using these skills to benefit your company.

He was grown in Rajasthan, where he was born. He completed his graduation in commerce from "The University of Rajasthan, Jaipur" after completing an intermediate education

Professional Skill: Pankaj Gupta has been working in the insurance industry for more than a decade. He started at SBI General Insurance in Gujarat Region for MSME & Corporate Clients and then joined an insurance broking company in Jaipur. They possess strong interpersonal skills as well as communication skills, which enables them to work effectively with different teams across different locations without any problem at all.

pankaj Kumar Chief Technology Officer

Pankaj Kumar

Chief Technology Officer

Pankaj Kumar is the first CTO at Square Insurance. Professional with over 7+ years of experience in digital transformation, web technologies, architecture designing, deployment, implementation, project management & project delivery. Throughout his career, Pankaj Kumar has strived for excellence in all facets of his work. When it comes to software development or project planning, he is a brilliant man who can resolve issues quickly and efficiently. He's very well versed in handling startup's problems and constraints by providing the best technology solutions even in limited resources. Furthermore, he has excellent communication skills with clients, customers, and other stakeholders.

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