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Square Insurance Brokers Private Limited was incorporated in the state of Rajasthan as Pvt. Ltd Company. Square Insurance act as a Direct Insurance Broker by IRDA under Insurance Brokers Regulations, 2002, granted with license in April 2017.

Insurance as defined is a financial risk management tool in which the insured transfers a risk of potential financial loss to the insurance company that mitigates it in exchange for monetary compensation known as the premium. It is an important aspect of each individual's life to continue with financial well-being of family in case of any eventuality. Though we all are familiar with the term "insurance", there exists a huge gap while analysing the need for insurance.

Square Insurance Brokers Private limited ensure to meet this gap between what customer needs and what customer gets and provides 360 degree transparent vision to our customers. We are committed to provide timely, honest, reliable and satisfying services to customer needs.

  • CODE No. -IRDA/DB697/17
  • CIN NO.-U66000RJ2016PTC056324
  • ISO 9001:2015 Registration No. -IN118260A
  • IBAI Membership No. -519
  • Registered Office : 506, 5th Floor, V-Jai City Point , Ahinsha Circle, C-Scheme , Jaipur
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Our Key Strengths


High Quality and Cost-Effective Insurance Service

Offering transparency to our customers is what Square Insurance believes in! We believe in creating a suitable culture for our customers and staff to ensure every piece of information is flowing between them and thus they can communicate openly and honestly. Square Insurance also makes sure our clients are getting what they are paying for with clean policies


High Quality and Cost-Effective Insurance Service

Professionalism is an attitude and our team members know how to encompass each formal aspect. Our professional staff also empowers you with a good first impression regarding our services and offerings. Our staff believes in building powerful interpersonal synergies, which has always helped us in establishing long-term reliability with our valuable customers.

Our Integrity

High Quality and Cost-Effective Insurance Service

We have been serving in the insurance industry for a decade and we are well-versed with the integrity that has uplifted us and our clients with better decision-making. It is the core heart of trust and confidence that resides within our customer’s minds whenever they think of doing business with us. Not only this, but it has also helped us with offering effective digital resolutions based on faith and commitment.


High Quality and Cost-Effective Insurance Service

Reliability is one of the important factors for Square Insurance’s success! Our professionals are always eager to stretch their strength in order to uplift our customer’s concerns and queries. We have always delivered things at the right time as we know the value of our customers. Our team members do what they commit to doing!

Quick Services

High Quality and Cost-Effective Insurance Service

Our quicker service, timely deliverance, and faster processing have always helped us in retaining customers and building new connections. Our better and faster offerings have also helped us in developing customer relationships and have also set us apart from our competitors.

Client First

High Quality and Cost-Effective Insurance Service

Square Insurance is grateful for its customers who have invested themselves in our services. We are here because of our customers. Whatever we are doing is for them, and to offer more client satisfaction we are burning the midnight oil and proving ourselves in the sphere. Our professionals are also eager to cater to our customer’s queries.

We are dedicated to structure Insurance Solutions which provide quality protection with value pricing. We wish to establish and maintain a successful relationship with our clients, our employees, and underwriters, keeping in view their goals to grow in a steady and sustainable manner. Success at our end is measured by our clients choosing us because of their belief in our ability to meet or exceed their expectations as on price, service, and claims disbursements.

Our Mission extends to Train & develop a team of insurance consultants to be the best in the market with strong insurance background & knowledge, high ethics & insurance integrity focusing on the most important assets being “customer trust” & “company’s credibility”.

Insurance Broking is not merely a sales channel now. Rightly said, with great powers come great responsibilities. In our endeavor to take it beyond what it is, we are much ready to take rough paths and challanges.

Our vision is to extend our reach to people and companies still away from the Insurance Paradigm. We forcee penetrating the untouched retail and corporate markets with providing them ease of Online Issuance, Quick Renewals, Digital Policy Locker and most importantly, a Personalized Servicing Experience. Overall, a never before platform combining Information Technology and Personalization. To be the Most Recommended Insurance Broker in India.

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