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IRDAI(Reg. No. 606)
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4 Pillars of Square Insurance

"Insurance" among these years has not been a course of an outspoken communication because of its sophisticated nature and tedious dialect. Thanks to IRDA demystifying insurance and creating it client friendly and a more competent. We Square Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd is proud to be one among the best Insurance Brokers in Jaipur. As it is said, "With great power comes great responsibility". We comprehend our role as an insur


Use Latest Technology to reduce "Time & Efforts" and improve "Convenience & Experience" for Sales, Servicing & Communication.


 Keep ourselves updated with new & innovative insurance solutions. Also, provide you appropriate products based on your needs.


 A no-compromise parameter backed with strong moral principles and values, our integrity is our strength and a reason for our client's smile.


 Nothing matters more to us than our Clients. Our team is fully trained to keep you benefited with prompt actions on your requirements.

Why Square Insurance

As a leading insurance brokerage service provider in Jaipur, we follow certain values, i.e. Excellence, People Engagement, Integrity, Customer Centricity and Collaboration. At Square Insurance Brokers Pvt Ltd, we operate on the core philosophy of customer centricity. There are many reason to work with and some are here:

Cost and Quality

We offer long term dwelling (Residential Building), all kind of property, liabilities, marine transit and miscellaneous insurance products to meet different life stage requirements of our customers. Our experts have developed and implemented various ...
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Cost and Quality

Customised plans

Square Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd., provides vehicles (Private, commercials and special types), home, shop, factory, hospital, school, colleges, offices, public liability, professional and commercial general liabilities cover, health and personal accidents ...
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 Customised plans

Dedicated Claim Helpline

If you feel that there was a lapse or negligence on our part in processing a proposal, servicing a policy or processing claims, then you are allowed to register complaints in respect to both life and non-life insurance. With the assistance of our claim ...
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Dedicated Claim Helpline

Advanced solutions

Our team believes in making best use of information technology systems, focus on decreasing in the number of claim errors, detecting fraud early contribute in settling the claims early. Square Insurance Brokers Pvt. Ltd., emphasis ...
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Advanced solutions

Complete claim documents

We vouch to provide complete documents to customers that are required to claim of any policy. It will make easier for customers’ to get payment as soon as possible after maturity of their policy. Square works on customers’ believes and morale ...
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Complete claim documents

Risk consulting

We identify, analyse and evaluate risks and subsequently design strategic Insurance Programs customised for our clients. Experts at Square Insurance, provide optimal services such as on-site surveys for identifying complete range ...
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Risk consulting

Company we keep

Frequently Asked Questions

We are an insurance broking company, licensed by the IRDA. This gives us the authority to sell insurance policies across all insurance companies in India. We help you find the best suiting insurance policy for you from a choice of plans available in the market. You can Research, Compare from various plans, Shortlist and Buy the plans instantly at the click of a button. Insurance was never as simple and clearer as now!

We are better than Insurance Companies Websites because:

1) Smart Comparison: Unlike any single Insurane Company, our portal is never biased towards it's approach of suggesting you the best solution. We instead provide you a pack of different insurance companies which may provide similar features at better rates and services.

2) Excellent Support: Our representatives are well equipped with the solutions of the queries you may have. We enable you to manage your policy post issuance, and quotes before issuance in an excellent style, with full professionalism.

Our online portal can help you to buy Motor Insurance currently and other products Health Insurance, Accidental Insurance, Travel Insurance, Home Insurance and few other products are under development.

If it happens so, you may Contact Us with your requirements and our representative will very soon get back to you.

Once you input your details, it takes you less than 5 minutes to buy your policy. In case of any issues, our support team is available on call or chat to assist you.

You can pay online through credit card, debit card or net-banking. If this doesn’t work, you can also send us a cheque. You will need to get in touch with our support team for cheque payments. Your transaction is completely secure with us. We work with the best payment gateway available in the country. Not only that, we also strive to ensure your information is completely safe and private.

Our Satisfied Customers
Cost and Quality

Shyam veer Saini

Square insurance give very good service and always available . Great insurance company for ( motor, non motor and health ) related insurance.

Cost and Quality

Ravi Gupta

Customers will get Maximum Quotes for vehicle insurance as a comparison to other insurance brokers at the best price

Cost and Quality

jitendra singh chouhan

Square Insurance is fantastic. They beat my current rates, and their customer service is outstanding. I recommend them to friends and family all the time

Cost and Quality

All in One

I was very pleased with how quickly and easily square insurance. I found a post on Facebook related to car insurance. And it's assisted me with the best car insurance policy. Greate

Cost and Quality

Deepak Panchal

The people at Square Insurance were friendly and considerate. They make you feel important and provide you with great service.

Cost and Quality

Subhash Kaler

Best insurance company, instant reply, I went to purchase health insurance plans through Facebook. Finally, I purchased. Thanks, square insurance to save my time and money

Cost and Quality

Information Tech

I always recommend this Insurance company. The staff is very polite and active. Services are quick in every problem resolution. Thank you Square Insurance team for your services.

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