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What is a Bike Insurance?

To put it simply, bike insurance is a type of insurance coverage designed specifically for two-wheeled vehicles, like scooters, and bikes. It shields you from any losses caused due to two-wheeler accidents. In many countries, including India, bike insurance is required by law to guarantee that all riders have a valid insurance policy.This insurance helps cover the costs of third-party damages and injuries, giving bike owner’s peace of mind and promoting safe riding.

Purchase a bike insurance for a year and renew it to avoid legal consequences. You can buy them online for up to three years to lock in lower premiums and worry-free coverage.

Why Should You Buy A Bike Insurance Policy?

All types of insurance provide protection in the event of unforeseen situations. You will understand the value of two-wheeler insurance only when you are involved in an accident. Even if you are not responsible for the accident, you still have to deal with the stress and loss in case of damage to you, your bike, a third party, or the property of third parties. This is why the Indian government has mandated the purchase of insurance for every bike owner.

You should buy bike insurance because of the following reasons:

1Meet the law's mandate

Every bike running on the roads in India must have valid third-party bike insurance. The traffic police can stop you anytime and ask for your insurance papers. You may face a huge penalty if you don't have valid insurance. You may sometimes be imprisoned for riding a motorcycle without adequate insurance.

2Protection against financial loss

The essential purpose of an insurance policy is to offer protection in case of financial loss. If there is any damage to your bike, you must deal with the financial burden of repairing or replacing it. An insurance policy with comprehensive coverage will protect against any damage to the bike due to man-made or natural calamities. This protection allows you to repair or replace your motorcycle without financial stress.

3Protection for the bike

Bikes are not cheap these days, and you want to add a layer of protection if you buy luxurious bikes. The mandatory third-party two-wheeler insurance doesn't provide protection for your bike. You have to think about purchasing a different policy or add-on coverage if you want to add protection to your bike in case of theft or any other malicious act. This type of coverage also protects your bike when involved in any natural disaster, such as a cyclone, flood, storm, or other attack.


When involved in a bike accident, you must prioritize your own safety. Third-party bike insurance, which is required by law, does not cover your financial loss or damage. This means you will have to pay for your loss if you do not have comprehensive or personal accident coverage. This is why you must select the appropriate policy.

Every bike owner must think wisely and choose a bike insurance plan with adequate coverage to meet legal compliance norms and deal with other financial liabilities. As not all insurance policies are created to provide the same values, finding the right insurance policy will help a bike owner enjoy peace of mind while riding on the road.

Exploring the Different Bike Insurance Plans

The three common types of bike insurance plans are:

Bike Insurance

This is the mandated type of bike insurance that every bike owner must have as per Indian law. It protects the rider against all legal obligations resulting from harm to other people, such as injury, property loss, or even death, in the event of a collision or accident. This insurance coverage provides adequate compensation for injuries and damages caused to any third-party vehicle, person, or property. It is important to remember that third-party insurance doesn't cover damages or injuries to the rider or insured bike.

Bike Insurance

The standalone own-damage (SAOD) bike insurance policy covers damages to the insured bike. In the event of an accident, if your bike is damaged, you can get financial compensation for the damages. Depending on the contract terms, you can get the bike repaired for free or at a very low cost. The coverage also extends to any damage caused to the bike due to natural or man-made calamities.
If you already have third-party bike insurance, you can buy an additional OD policy to extend the coverage. However, as both of these policies are separate policies, you have to pay two different premiums and track the policy expiration period properly to avoid a lapse in coverage.


If you want an all-in-one policy that provides protection against all types of legal liabilities, you should buy comprehensive bike insurance. This policy covers your own damages and third-party liabilities. You can stay calm while riding your bike because you know it is protected. Even if a disaster happens to your parked bike, you can claim compensation with comprehensive insurance.

Bike Insurance Policy Inclusions

Before choosing a bike insurance policy, you have to pay attention to the inclusions. This refers to the coverage included as a part of the purchased insurance policy. The common inclusions are:

  • Damage and loss due to natural disasters like thunder, lightning, storms, earthquakes, etc.
  • Loss and damage due to strikes, riots, terrorist activities, etc.
  • Loss of bike due to burglary, housebreaking, theft, or total loss of the bike
  • Liability protection against injuries and damages to third party or property during a road accident involving the insured bike
  • Damage or loss due to any explosion, self-ignition, or fire
  • Damage or loss to the insured bike while it is in transit
  • Personal accident cover (as per contract) for injuries to bike owners resulting in permanent or temporary disabilities

Bike Insurance Policy Exclusions

Similar to inclusions, one must also pay attention to exclusions. The insurance company will not provide coverage for the mentioned exclusions. Every policy will have a detailed list of exclusions, which you must read before purchasing. Some of the standard exclusions for bike insurance online are:

  • Damages to the bike caused by regular wear and tear
  • Loss or damages caused due to electrical or mechanical breakdowns
  • Loss or damages caused when the bike was driven outside of the geographical boundaries as per policy contract
  • Any damage or loss due to driving under the influence of alcohol or other prohibited drugs
  • Any damage or loss while riding the motorcycle without valid documents
  • Any loss or damage due to mutiny, nuclear risk, or war

Bike Insurance Features Comparison

Explore policy types, compare features, and strike the ideal balance between coverage and premium to ensure complete protection without breaking the bank.

Features Third-Party Standalone Own Damage Comprehensive
Mandated by law Yes No No
Coverage scope Low Wide High
Third-party liability protection Yes No Yes
Coverage for own bike No Yes Yes
Personal accident cover Yes Yes Yes
Add-on options No Yes Yes
Cost Lowest Higher Expensive

Add-Ons For Bike Insurance Policy

Opting for just third-party bike insurance means limited coverage. However, with comprehensive or standalone own-damage policies, you have the option to add useful add-ons to your coverage. These extras offer an extra layer of protection for you and your bike. While they increase premium rates, they provide peace of mind for regular riders. When buying insurance, you can specify specific add-ons or add them later as required. Compare and select the right protection for your needs when buying bike insurance online!

1Compulsory Personal Accident Cover (PA)

When you have a valid driving license and own a bike, Indian law requires you to purchase mandatory personal accident insurance (PA). According to IRDAI, you can get coverage for up to Rs. 15 lakh. This personal accident coverage provides compensation in the event of a severe injury, permanent disability, or death of the policyholder. The amount of PA you get varies based on policy customization.

2No Claim Bonus (NCB) Protection Cover

When you have made no claims for your own damage to the bike, you can claim the No Claim Bonus (NCB) discount for every claim-free year. Depending on the policy, you can get 10% to 50% NCB. The NCB protection cover protects your NCB discount at the time of renewals, even if you raise any claim during the policy period.

3Zero Depreciation Cover

This cover protects against vehicle depreciation. Generally, when you make a bike insurance claim, the insurance provider will pay the claim amount after reducing the depreciation value of the insured bike. The zero depreciation cover helps you eliminate this deduction. This coverage is applicable on a case-by-case basis based on the policy period and the number of claims made. However, you should understand that there will also be voluntary and compulsory deductibles whenever you make a claim.

424x7 Roadside Assistance Cover

When you are stranded on the road with a faulty bike, this add-on will allow you to get roadside assistance from your insurance provider. However, when and where you can get roadside assistance depends on the policy terms and conditions. You can get different types of assistance for breakdowns, emergency fuel, flat tires, lost keys, minor bike repairs, etc. Even if you take roadside assistance, it will not reduce your NCB because asking for assistance is not considered an insurance claim.

5Return To Invoice

You can get the purchase value of the bike as the claim amount with this return to invoice add-on in case of theft or total loss of the bike. Generally, in such cases, the insurance provider pays only the Insured Declared Value (IDV) of the vehicle. The return to invoice add-on covers the gap between IDV and the on-road price of the insured bike (including taxes and registration) so that you can get the purchase value back as an insurance claim.

6Engine Protection Cover

You can get this add-on along with comprehensive bike insurance. It provides compensation for engine damage due to water intrusion, oil or lubricant leakage, hydrostatic issues, etc. Apart from the main engine, this add-on protects against damage to engine parts such as pistons, cylinders, crankshafts, connecting rods, etc. This add-on is essential if you live in flood-prone areas where water logging can cause severe damage to the engine.

7Consumables Cover

If you use your bike on a day-to-day basis, consumables such as brake fluid, engine oil, nuts and bolts, coolant, etc. can add to bike maintenance costs. The consumables cover add-on reimburses the cost of such consumables to ensure your bike runs smoothly. However, the coverage is limited in terms of the cost threshold, and you should check with your insurance provider.

8PA Cover For Co-Passenger

Many bike owners use their bikes for regular commutes with a pillion rider. The personal accident cover add-on provides financial protection for injuries and damages to the co-passenger or pillion rider in a road accident.

9Emergency Medical Expenses

The emergency medical expenses add-on provides coverage for emergency medical expenses for injuries to the rider and pillion rider. You can get reimbursement for any emergency medical expense, irrespective of the hospital or doctor where you get treatment.

10Daily Expenses Cover

When your bike is damaged due to an accident involving it, you can't ride it until it is repaired, and you have to deal with transportation charges. The daily expenses add-on reimburses these expenses based on the policy terms and conditions. To get this reimbursement, you must send your bike to the authorized garage in the repair network outlined by your insurance provider.

Not every bike owner needs all these add-ons. Purchasing add-ons can increase premiums significantly, but they provide financial assistance at a time of need. So, before choosing, you must understand each coverage type and select the ones you need.

How To Choose The Right Bike Insurance?

Making the right decision while buying bike insurance is critical to saving money and getting adequate protection. If you try to lower the premium by choosing the bare-minimum policy, you will lose out on protection. However, if you buy all the add-ons, you have to pay a higher premium.

The ideal insurance policy depends on what you need and what coverage your insurance provider offers. You must shop online and calculate bike insurance premiums before choosing a policy. You can always change your insurance provider and buy a brand new policy when you renew your bike insurance. Some of the factors to consider while choosing a policy are:

1Insurance coverage scope

Third-party liability coverage is mandatory for all bike insurance policies. You can get an optional comprehensive policy and customize it to your needs. Before signing the policy document, ensure that you understand the scope of coverage thoroughly.

2Choosing optional coverage

The add-ons provide excellent protection, but you should only buy those you need. The needs of a bike owner who rides their bike daily for commute and who rides their bike for fun are different. Also, if you go on long bike journeys crossing state borders, make sure that you understand the extension of coverage and legal requirements in other states.

3Ease of claim settlement

You will realize the value of your bike insurance policy only when you try to make a claim. An attractive, low-cost bike insurance policy will be useless if the claim settlement process is tedious and time-consuming. You have to choose the insurance provider after checking their Incurred Claim Ratio (ICR). It refers to the number of claims settled successfully by the insurer against the total number of claims they received. It is better to go with an insurance provider with a higher ICR.

4Garage network

When there is damage to your bike, you have to take it to the authorized garage network as per your insurance provider. So, you have to ensure that your insurer has repair garages in your location so that you can easily take your bike there when needed. Also, an insurance provider with an extensive garage network can provide you with road assistance even in remote areas. This allows you to get cashless repairs for certain damages.

5Customer support

If you have to make an insurance claim, you have to interact with the customer support team of the insurance provider. Before choosing an insurer, investigate their customer support team and ensure they have multiple communication channels. Also, you have to check their response time and ticket resolution rates so that you get the help you need immediately.

How To Calculate Bike Insurance Premium Online?

The bike insurance premium calculator is a simple and free online tool useful for understanding the premium you have to pay. When you customize your policy, your premium will vary. The premium calculator will help you determine exactly how much you have to pay for your insurance and determine whether it is suitable for you. You must provide the following details to calculate premiums:

  • Manufacturer
  • Sum insured
  • Make, model and variant of the bike
  • Date of registration
  • Add-on cover

Bike Insurance Premium Rates In India

IRDAI determines the third-party bike insurance rates in India that will be common across insurance providers. As per Motor Vehicles Third Party Insurance Base Premium and Liability Rules 2022, the rates will be as follows:

Engine Capacity Annual premium rates
<75cc< /td> INR 538
75-150 cc INR 714
150-350 cc INR 1366
>350 cc NINR 2804

What Are The KYC Process And Documents Required To Buy/Renew Bike Insurance?

All insurance providers must complete the KYC process before selling insurance policies. When you buy or renew your bike insurance, you have to provide the following documents as proof of identity and proof of address:

  • Aadhar card
  • Passport
  • Driving license
  • PAN card
  • Voter ID card
  • Ration card

Benefits Of Buying Bike Insurance Online Vs Offline

Buying insurance for your bike is a simple and straightforward process. You can buy it using the online websites or get it offline. Comparing the two modes will help you understand why it is beneficial to buy the insurance online:

Factor Online Mode Offline Mode
Purchase mode Compare and buy insurance from your home using your computer, laptop, or mobile phone Go to the insurance office or get in touch with an agent
Premium Affordable premiums without third party involvement Agent may quote a higher premium policy
Customer support 24 x 7 availability Available only during working days and office hours
Paperwork Zero to minimal paperwork Huge paperwork
Transparency Rates are instantly available from the insurer's website Agents may hide essential details and quote higher rates
Comparison Easy to compare multiple plans using a single website and find the best details Limited exposure to plan availability and it is based on agent's preference
Renewal Auto-saved policy details make renewal a breeze Renewal takes time and again, you must visit the insurance office or contact the agent

Bike Insurance Claim Process

When there is damage or loss to your bike, you have to understand the claim process for successful bike repairs. There are two types of claims:

1Cashless bike insurance claim

Here, you can take your bike for repair to any authorized garage in the list of garage networks and repair your bike without paying anything out of your pocket. Your insurer will settle the bill.

2Reimbursement bike insurance claim

Here, you can repair your bike in any non-network garage after paying for it. Then, you can claim reimbursement for repair expenses by submitting a claim form to the insurance provider.

You can claim for repairs differently based on the insurance policy and terms. In any case, you must contact your insurance provider immediately to determine the next course of action and the necessary documents to submit a claim.

Documents Required For Making A Claim

When you file an insurance claim, your insurance provider will require the following documents:

Filled and signed claim application form

  • Registration certificate (RC)
  • Driving license
  • Valid bike insurance policy
  • Police FIR (in case of theft, accidents, and third party liabilities)
  • Bill for repair
  • Payment receipt for bike repair
  • Proof of release (for reimbursement claim settlement)

How Do I Get The Best Two-Wheeler Insurance Plans?

Square Insurance is the right place to get the best bike insurance policy. Using the online channel has the following benefits:

1Informed decision-making

Without influence from any insurance agent, you can discover the benefits of each type of insurance plan in your own time before making a decision.

2Compare multiple plans using a single window

You can compare multiple insurance policies from top-class insurance providers and do a cost-benefit analysis to get the best bike insurance premium.

3Reduce paperwork

Buying insurance online reduces the amount of paperwork you need to complete. Many insurance providers now complete online KYC so that you can get your insurance from the comfort of your home.

4Pay online to avoid additional charges

You can directly pay for your insurance online and save on commission and fees that you have to pay for an insurance agent. Secured payment gateways ensure that your financial information is kept private and secure.

Steps To Buy Bike Insurance Online

  • 1 Enter bike details in a simple online form.
  • 2 Compare bike insurance quotes and deals from top-rated insurance providers and customize plans based on your needs.
  • 3 Choose your insurance policy and pay for it online to activate it instantly.

How To Renew Bike Insurance?

You have to renew bike insurance policy before it lapses to continue getting the same coverage. If you want to change your insurance plan or provider, you can make a different choice at the time of renewal. Similar to purchasing, bike insurance renewal can also be done online or offline.

Bike insurance Online renewal steps

  • Click on bike renewal and enter necessary details
  • Compare insurance plans and add-ons
  • Fill the renewal form details
  • Complete online payment of insurance premiums to finalise renewal

Bike insurance Offline renewal steps

  • Go to insurance office
  • Connect with agent
  • Complete paperwork for policy renewal
  • You may or may not be able to change policy coverage based on agent access
  • Fill out renewal form
  • Submit necessary documents
  • Pay cash for insurance premium

FAQ's on Bike Insurance Policy

It's a type of insurance that covers the expenses incurred by your two-wheeler in case of an accident or natural disaster.

Insuring against unforeseen events and unforeseen liabilities is part of risk covers, like car insurance. An accident, rain, or theft of a vehicle can cause anyone to get stuck behind their car. A car insurance policy is a lifesaver in any of these scenarios.

Bike insurance plans in India fall into three main categories: Third-Party Liability-Only Bike Insurance, Standalone Own Damage (SOAD) Bike Insurance and Comprehensive Bike Insurance.

Bike insurance policies that cover both the owner and the third party are called first-party policies. In addition, natural calamities that cause significant damage to human lives can cause havoc on vehicles as well. In addition to protecting your vehicles, first-party insurance covers financial losses as well.

In a nutshell, third-party bike insurance provides financial protection in the event that your insured two-wheeler damages someone, a vehicle, or property. Paying for all these costs from your pocket can be a huge financial burden.

If you have bought a brand new bike or scooter, it will be compulsory for you to opt for a 5-years third-party liability cover.

OD Insurance or Own Damage Coverage is a vehicle insurance policy that protects your automobile against unforeseen damages. It covers your car against damage sustained when you are involved in a road accident, a fire, a natural calamity or any other mishap.

Depreciation is not considered by the insurance company while settling claims when it comes to bike or scooter parts covered by zero depreciation bike insurance. Coverage for the two-wheeler is comprehensive without determining its depreciation value.

Insurance policies with bumper-to-bumper coverage cover vehicle parts without depreciation, whereas policies with package coverage or comprehensive coverage claim settlements, including depreciation on the replaced parts.

There is no need to buy two-wheeler insurance from a dealer when you buy a two-wheeler. To register a 2-wheeler, you must have at least a Third Party Insurance Policy.

Yes. In India, every bike owner must have at least a third-party bike insurance plan to ride the bike on the road. This is mandatory for every motorcycle, irrespective of who rides it.

Generally, bike insurance policies have a tenure of one year. Once you pay your premium, your insurance will remain valid during the policy period. So, you can buy a new policy or make changes to the existing policy at the end of the policy period and at the time of renewal.

You should consider a comprehensive bike insurance policy for full protection of your new bike. You can customize the policy by choosing add-ons you like. You can choose the basic third-party liability policy for older bikes with depreciated values.

Deductible refers to the amount you have to pay out-of-your pocket during claim settlement. It can be voluntary or mandatory. Choosing a higher deductible can help reduce the premium amount.

When you make changes to an existing insurance policy, such as modifications of personal data, vehicle details, or policy terms, it is called an endorsement.

You can check with your insurance provider or login to your account on the website to instantly view the policy details.

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