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Motor Insurance News

IRDAI has proposed third-party insurance premium cars for Financial Year 2022-2023

According to recent news, India's Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority is providing a draft notification with third-party motor insurance premium rates for two-wheelers, cars, electric vehicles, and other transport vehicles for the ongoing financial year 2022-2023.

This motor insurance news is changing people's perspective towards the insurance policies in India. The Regulatory body has not made any changes in the last two financial years; the rates are unchanged until today.

According to recent vehicle insurance news, there is a suggested discount on some vehicles that will inspire people to drive environmentally-friendly vehicles.

Here are the suggested third-party premium rates for the financial year 2022-2023 for different vehicle categories, implemented from April 2022.

The Basic Methodology About Motor Insurance news

  • Using the primary chain ladder method's actuarial technique, they calculate the cost of respective segments for each accidental year to arrive at the premium rates.

  • According to IRDAI, paid claim data will consider constructing the cumulative paid claim triangle for every homogenous subclass with accident year (AY) as the original year and financial years (FY) as the development years.

Available Documents,

Some of the available facts and stats about the motor vehicle news are changing the available patients of the motor vehicle owners in India.

  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles will get a 7.5 percent discount on Motor TP premium charges; it will inspire people to drive eco-friendly vehicles more frequently. It is the most trending motor insurance news in India due to its focus on supporting electric vehicles to shape the future of mobility.

  • It will give a fifteen percent discount to private electric vehicles, electric goods-carrying commercial vehicles, electric-two-wheelers, and electric passenger-carrying vehicles. This step taken by the governing body in the latest car insurance news will inspire people to adopt electric vehicles more than commercial gasoline vehicles.

  • Private cars that are on registration as Vintage Cars are also eligible for a fifty percent discount on the charge based on the former Indian Motor Tariff (IMT). It will help vintage car owners to save a lot of money and maintain the vintage cars to save the history of the automobile industry.

This latest motor insurance news has proven that the rise in third-party claims is due to the zero revision in rates over the past few years because of the pandemic. This increase in rates impacts the customers across the range of insurance policyholders in India.

Third-party insurance as a component is a part of both third-party liability policies and comprehensive. There is an additional discount given to commercial EV/hybrid vehicles and passengers to increase the adoption of environmentally friendly technology. Most importantly, it will help form a soundproof premium for third-party claims, often passed or stopped in the legal process.

According to certain motor vehicle news, the highest percentage increase of around twenty-one percent will be for two-wheelers with engine capacities above 350cc. The proposal rate has pumped from rupee 2,323 to 2804. A two-wheeler with engine capacity over 150cc but not exceeding 350cc will have to pay rupee 1366 and up to rupee 1193.

Moreover, the rate is reduced for two-wheelers with engine capacity exceeding 75cc but not exceeding 150cc that will have to pay rupee 714 instead of rupee 752. For two-wheeler vehicles less than 75cc, the cost of third-party cover is increasing from rupee 482 to rupee 538. On the other hand, the rate increases across all segments for cars or four-wheelers.

According to the new motor insurance news, the third-party premium rates increase for private cars. For cars and vehicles with engine capacity of less than 1000cc, the cost of third-party cover is increasing from rupee 2,072 to rupee 2094, for private cars with engine capacity exceeding 1000cc but will not exceed 1500cc to rupees a3,221 to rupees 2416. For vehicles with an engine capacity of more than 1500cc, the cost of third-party cover is increasing from rupee 7890 to rupee 7897.