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How to buy bike insurance online from Square Insurance?

How to buy bike insurance online from Square Insurance? Square Insurance - 19 Apr 2022

A general Idea

Buying a bike insurance plan is very important in today's world, where everyone is becoming Lewis Hamilton on the roads. Traffic density in India is increasing day by day, and the probability of returning alive at home after a ride is decreasing day by day. According to a report, approximately six riders die in India every hour.

To buy bike insurance online, you need to have certain documents, and before that, you need to select a plan that fulfils all your requirements. The leading cause of accidents is road conditions, faulty traffic, and licence laws. After wearing a helmet, there are high chances of getting a severe injury that may lead you into debt.

To save yourself from emptying your bank account during an accident, you need to have a bike insurance plan. Here are some steps you can follow to buy a bike insurance plan online.

What is the need to buy bike insurance online?

Two-wheelers are the most famous machines used for moving from one point to another. Moreover, the reason for their popularity is their affordability. A typical Indian man can easily afford a bike and have comfortable rides. Along with its popularity, it also comes with certain drawbacks, like the safety of the passenger and the rider.

It would help if you bought bike insurance online to cover all the damage caused to you in a bike accident. You need to follow simple and easy steps to buy bike insurance online. To ensure the safety of your loved ones, give them financial support at the time of an accident; you should have a bike insurance policy.

Now that you know the need to buy a bike insurance policy online, it's time to know a few reasons to buy it online with square insurance.

Seven reasons to buy bike Insurance Online with Square Insurance.

There are many reasons to buy bike insurance when riding on Indian roads. People are playing need for speed to get some adrenaline rush without following any safety measures.

Here are seven reasons why you need to buy bike insurance online.

No extra charges

You do not have to pay extra charges while applying for an insurance policy. The best part about buying bike insurance online is that you save lots of time and money.

Quick approval

When you buy two-wheeler insurance online, significantly few physical processes are involved. Therefore, the process becomes automatic and swift. You can quickly approve your bike insurance with square insurance within a few minutes or, in the worst-case scenario, within a few hours.

You do not need any previous policy details

To buy bike insurance online, you do not have to provide any details of your previous two-wheeler policy. If your policy is expiring for more than ninety days, you need not provide any of your previous policy details.

No Inspection

Your policy can approve it without inspection on your documentation. It means you can save a lot of time and easily verify your insurance policy.

Easily renewal

In case of the expiry of the policy, you can easily renew your previous policy. You need to visit the website and follow specific instructions.

Quick settlement of claim

Square insurance helps you quickly settle your claim in case of an accident. You can quickly settle the claim and save lots of time.

Online support

You get great online support with square insurance that helps ease your buying a bike insurance policy online. The online support helps you complete your buying bike insurance process quickly.

After knowing the need and benefits of buying bike insurance, you may be interested in buying one. Here is the detailed process to buy bike insurance online with Square Insurance.

Process of buying a bike Insurance policy with square insurance.

After knowing the need for bike insurance in India, you should be interested in buying the best bike insurance online. The process to buy bike insurance online is very simple compared to offline insurance buying.

Here are the following steps that you can follow to get the best bike insurance policy.

Identify the need

Anything we do in life has a purpose, so to buy a bike insurance policy online, you need to find the need. You can easily buy third-party insurance online in India because you already know the need if you are reading this article from the start.

Research of the market

You need to do proper market research before buying the insurance policy. You should explore the market before buying any new product to get the maximum return on your investment. It would help if you surfed the web with the keyword can we buy bike insurance online.

Proper research will help you get the best policy that will fit your budget and satisfy all your needs.

Compare different policies

You need to compare different policies and plans to get the best that fits into the basket of your requirements. You can use different sites to compare the best plans to provide maximum coverage. A good insurance policy should have features like a change of vehicle, time to process the claim, type of coverage, high insurance premium, etc.

Select the insurance

After doing the proper research, you need to select the plan that can easily fit into your budget. Selecting a bike insurance policy that fits your budget is crucial as buying a new two-wheeler. Square two-wheeler insurance policy can easily fit your budget and provide full features. The company must contain a customer queries cell that helps clear all customers' doubts related to the policy.

Select the insurance type

After selecting a company, you now need to choose the type of insurance depending upon the requirements of your two-wheeler. Buy two-wheeler insurance online to get the best policy that satisfies your maximum requirements.

Set the Insured Declared Value of your bike

After selecting the insurance policy you want to buy, it's time to set the IDV of your two-wheeler. IDV is the current value of your vehicle. Moreover, it decreases with time due to the contamination of parts and engines.

Choose add-ons

The right add-ons will help you cover maximum damage during the accident, and you can include them into your policy by paying a slightly higher premium. You can add to the existing policy. Bike insurance online can help you cover maximum expenditure with the right add-ons.

Read the policy documents

You need to read the documents of the policy carefully before buying the bike insurance policy. Reading the documents will give you a basic idea about the company and the benefits that you will get with the plan.

Fill in the complete details

Carefully enter all the personal and vehicle-related documents. A small mistake in the form can lead to the termination of your form. You need to fill in the correct information related to your documents and avoid making minor mistakes.

Make payment

After completing the process of filling out the forms and entering the documents, you now need to make the payment. Paying the amount to the insurance company indicates that you are finally delighted with the company's services.


Now you know the detailed process of getting two-wheeler insurance online, it's time for you to know the documents needed to buy the bike insurance in India.

Documents required to buy a bike insurance policy online.

Now you know the process of buying a life insurance policy online with square insurance, it's time for you to know the documents required to buy a bike insurance policy online.

Here are the documents required to buy bike insurance online.

  • Driving licence
  • Registration certification
  • Policyholder details

Here are the documents required to claim the bike insurance

  • Copy of two-wheeler insurance policy
  • Duly signed and claim settlement form
  • Copy of FIR in case of a major accident
  • Copy of driver's licence
  • Original tax receipt
  • Original invoice of repair for cashless claim
  • Copy of RC

Things that are not covered in square two-wheeler insurance.

You know the things covered in a two-wheeler insurance policy and the features and benefits. Some things are not covered under their two-wheeler insurance policy.

  • Damaged occurred during the driving without carrying nay licence
  • Damaged occurred as a result of negligence
  • Drink and drive
  • Normal wear and tear occur to the vehicle
  • Compulsory deductibles of the claim
  • Damage occurs due to war
  • It does not include any requisite add-on cover


You can easily buy bike insurance online by just following a guided-step process. To get the best insurance policy plans, you need to do research on the market by surfing the internet. You should be aware of the rules and regulations in the market.

You should include proper add-ons to get the maximum coverage of your insurance in case of an accident. Square insurance provides a two-wheeler insurance policy that can satisfy all your requirements.