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What are the add-on covers for bike insurance policies?

What are the add-on covers for bike insurance policies? Square Insurance - 22 Mar 2022

According to a survey, in 2020, almost 1.32 people died due to road accidents. According to another report from the General Insurance Council, 60% of vehicles on Indian roads are not having insurance. And in that too majority are two-wheelers. We live in a society where spending on life insurance is generally not talked about, and people are busy wasting their money on other stuff. Bike insurance policies are not much in the limelight among bike riders in India. Wearing a helmet will only save your head, but taking insurance will save your bank account from emptying during an accident. Bike insurance is essential in today's unpredictable Indian roads where people drive their cars like Lewis Hamilton. The two-wheeler insurance covers the damage on the vehicle caused by artificial or natural calamities. Also, the motor vehicle act 1988 makes it mandatory for vehicle owners to buy at least basic Third Party insurance.

What are Two-wheeler Insurance Add-on covers?

Additional covers on two-wheeler insurance are add-on coverages that can integrate comprehensive and standalone own-damage insurance plans. They are like seasoning on your insurance policy, Two-wheeler insurance add-ons strengthen the coverage of your two wheeler, along with the two-wheeler insurance plan, you get various options for selection add-ons. If you want to avail the maximum benefits of bike insurance add-on covers, you need to buy an additional premium to enhance your basic plan.

Why is a regular cover not sufficient?

A regular cover in a two-wheeler bike insurance does not cover most things that can cost you too much during an accident. Here are the few things that define why the regular cover is insufficient for a two-wheeler.

  • Third party insurance cannot provide sufficient coverage though it is mandatory for bike owners in India. It only covers third party liabilities arising due to accidental property damage, bodily injury, etc.
  • With the rising cost of healthcare, a regular cover appears insufficient sometimes.
  • It is hard to find a cheap plan with extensive benefits.

Types of Add-On Covers in Two Wheeler Insurance

Ad-on benefits on a regular life insurance change from one firm to another. Here are glims of benefits that tho-wheeler add-on cover insurance companies provide.

Consumables Cover

Consumable items of a bike like a grease, bearings, lubricants clip, fuel filter, oil filter, nut and bolt, brake oil, screw, etc., are not covered generally in a two-wheeler insurance policy, but in this cover, they are in cover.

Zero Depreciation Cover

Depreciation (reduction of value of an asset over time) cost is taken all by the vehicle owner as the vehicle's value is less concerning time. You can have a stress-free environment where you don't have to bear the depreciation expense of your vehicle and you can claim a large sum of money. A zero depreciation cover provides add-on advantages to you. You can find many Bike insurance policies online, but square insurance two wheeler insurance provides you many benefits along with extra added covers.

Roadside Assistance Cover

It covers all the assistance you need when you get stuck in the middle of a highway or road in case of a mechanical breakdown due to failure in your two-wheeler. The add-on cover protects fuel delivery, flat tire, towing vehicle, on-side minor repairs, etc.

Critical loss cover

It also provides your spare key to unlock your vehicle in the minimum possible time. Key replacement Add-on in two-wheeler insurance helps you compensate if you lose your keys.

Passenger Assistance Cover

For the pillion passenger, too, this add-on provides cover, which a standard insurance policy does not cover. It provides expenditure cover in case of accidental disability or death of the pillion rider.

Engine Safe Cover

Parts of the engine that need urgent repair are covered under this add-on. If you live in an area where bikes deal with lots of water and mud every day, you need to buy this add-on.

Loss of Personal Belongings

If a policyholder suffers from a monetary loss, this add-on helps them benefit from a good cover.

Return To Invoice

This cover allows the policyholder to get the total invoice price of your two-wheeler. In case the policyholder suffers from a loss or accident. Add-on covers for bike insurance provide added advantages to the policyholder.

Protection of NCB

No Claim Bonus protection is to the policyholder under this add-on; generally, the NCB is not affected for the first two claims.

Daily Allowance

Tpolicyholder gets a daily allowance from the insurance company when the two-wheeler is out for repair or lost.

Type damage covers

This add-on provides cover for damages like a puncture or bursting of tires, cut on a tire due to accident, and in-tyre bulge.

Benefits of Add-on Coverts in Two-wheeler

Retain NCB Discount

Don't be afraid by seeing the word NCB; it is a No Claim Bonus; when the policyholder raises a claim during the insurance plan period, by doing this, they can lose out their accumulated NCB discount. You can purchase this add-on cover to retain your No Claim Bonus if you think there are high chances of raising a claim. Bike insurance provides you with typical cover, which is of no use in general for you. You don't have to raise any claim to earn this amount during the previous insurance plan tenure. Still, add-on coverage provides extra added benefits that help you get more advantage from the insurance during any calamity.

Get Roadside Assistance

One can easily avail of Roadside assistance in case of a breakdown of a vehicle or event of an emergency. This cover gives you roadside assistance like fuel, toeing, flat tyre through tyre cover, on-spot repair, etc. Under average two-wheeler insurance, you can get all these benefits; instead, you get an average sum of money during the breakdown of a vehicle that does not cover most of the losses. It is an excellent inclusion to your basic comprehensive bike insurance. Getting roadside assistance under an insurance policy is crucial when you frequently travel with your family.

Safeguard Your Bike'sBike's Depreciation

Roadside assistance add-on cover can easily avail in an emergency like vehicle breakdown, but this add-on cover will help you keep your funds safe from depreciation. The body parts of your two-wheeler get old with time due to friction and regular use. This process is called depreciation. Most insurance companies do not cover the loss of depreciation during an average two-wheeler insurance cover. Whereas choosing a zero depreciation add-on cover, you can easily avail the cost of depreciation.

Offer Cover for Disabilities and Death

A standard insurance only covers the damage caused to the two-wheeler during an accident, whereas adding this add-on will cover damage and death expenses of the two-wheeler owner along with the damage to the vehicle. This add-on covers the benefit of up to Rs 15 lakhs. This add on is mandatory by the law of insurance policy. Also, if you want, you can cover the expenditure of the passenger by buying an extra PA to protect your loved ones during an accident. Add-on covers for bike insurance provide you extra benefits of saving your money on repairing and saving a lot of money during failure or emergencies.

Consumables Add-on for Engine Protection and Accessories

The bike's engine consumables, like gearbox oil, lubricant, screw, engine oil, etc., are not covered under a basic comprehensive bike insurance policy. The repair and replacement cost is also covered along with the Engine protection. In typical bike insurance, you will not get these extra added benefits, and with time you need to spend some extra money on these expenditures.

Major differences between Zero Depreciation Cover and Return to Invoice Cover

Zero Depreciation Cover Return to Invoice Cover
It connects the differences between the actual cost of various parts and its depreciated value. It plays a vital role in providing you the real cost of your vehicle and maintaining the vehicle throughout its life span. It adds bonds to the gap between the insured vehicles IDV and the actual value of the vehicle. This feature is mostly in use when you have a fear of losing your vehicle.
This cover is applied to the vehicle during its repair only when the vehicle is damaged due to any natural calamity, fire or manmade disaster. Return to invoice add-on cover is useful when the car is damaged beyond repairs or it is stolen.
For example if Mrs B’s vehicle got damaged in an accident, but he has zero depreciation cover as a part of his comprehensive car insurance policy. This additional cover is working as a financial help because he got the compensation for the damaged parts of the car at their original cost. For example, Mr A’s vehicle is stolen by any thief and it cannot be found or traced by the police officers. Since he has Return to Invoice cover as a part of his vehicle's insurance policy, he can easily get the price of his vehicle due to this add-on cover.

Buy or Renew two-wheeler insurance online.

You can buy or renew a two-wheeler insurance policy online easily by using some trusted websites. Square insurance offers you some of the best add-on coverage features using which you can avail benefits of covering extra damages along with regular damage covers. Due to the availability of the internet and up-gradation of insurance policy companies to make their websites more user friendly, you can now easily buy and renew your two-wheeler insurance and get the maximum benefit out of it. There are many options to buy a bike insurance policy online, but some of them are most relevant to you, and you can easily rely on them. Newing an already existing bike insurance policy is an easy task as you know where you have to go and what you have to do. But buying a new bike insurance policy is a tedious task due to two many options available online. Due to the availability of many options in this virtual online world, it becomes tough to buy or select one insurance policy that fits your requirements.

Some statistics of two-wheeler road accidents in India

According to a survey, six two-wheeler riders die every hour in road accidents. According to road conditions in India, riders are at high risk of losing their lives quickly. In the absence of public transportation, two-wheelers became more popular, due to more vehicles on road accidents are also growing. Bike insurance acts as a shield that helps you fight the financial crisis during an accident. According to a Ministry of Road Transport and Highways report, more than 37% of riders killed in road accidents are two-wheeler riders. These crashes and deaths result from faulty licensing laws, poor roads, no training, unsafe helmets, etc.

What can you do?

According to a World Health Organization report, correct use of a helmet reduces the risk of fatal injuries by 42% and head injuries by 69%. India needs strict licensing laws and fines to reduce these accidents. You can't control the system, but the one thing you can control is your safety. Taking a bike insurance policy online would help you save lots of money during an accident and help you recover your bike quickly. An add-on is more important than a basic policy as it will cover more of the two-wheeler parts and help you quickly recover your bike after the crash.

You can't predict what will happen to you in future, and we all know the driving conditions on Indian roads. As an individual, you can't control the system and the driving style of other people, but the one thing you can do is cover your losses and protect your bank account from emptying during an accident. Square two-wheeler insurance is the best plan which you can choose to cover your bike for accidental cases. Please select a bike insurance policy online and enjoy its benefits for a lifetime. You can add-on cover to use most of the benefits from the insurance.

Why do you need two-wheeler insurance?

When India's auto market sold over a million units, the sales graph reached its all-time high. The sales are increasing due to the introduction of budget-friendly vehicles. The sales of the vehicles are also increasing. Along with increasing sales, road accidents are also increasing, increasing the risk of life while moving on roads. The data itself gives a fair idea of the risk on Indian roads for passengers. It would help if you had bike insurance in today's unpredictable world to recover your bike and life during an accident safely.

With too many vehicles traveling on roads life is coming in little danger. People on roads are driving vehicles like they are in any race. So having bike insurance provides you with the leverage of saving your money during a bike accident. Add-on cover helps you relax on a hospital bed without thinking much about money because the insurance company will cover all the expenditures and hospitalization costs. Square insurance provides you with a variety of add-on covers that help your bank account be safe during an accident, from a variety of complete comprehensive covers to standalone Third-Party policy plans.

Key features of a two-wheeler insurance plan.

You get a reasonable premium for an affordable price. Also, you get a benefit of a claim bonus. You get customizable add-ons that you can choose for different categories and for selecting different areas. You also benefit from cashless repair, which is available on garages linked with the insurance company. The claim process of these two-wheeler insurance plans is straightforward, you need to submit a few documents, and you are all set to take maximum benefits from the insurance policy. The claim settlement ratio of these insurance policies is very high; you can quickly get your funds within a few days of claiming. With some of these policies, owner damage cover is also by adding cover. With some bike insurance plans, you can get third-party damages available by the add-on cover process.

Most important: Add on covers that your two-wheeler insurance plan should have.

If you talk about buying insurance for yourself, there are plenty of options available in the market. Due to the rise in road accidents, Awareness of bike insurance and add-on cover is also increasing among people. Your two-wheeler bike insurance policy should cover your maximum loss during an accident. Bikes are the most famous road transport machine in India. It is cheap and easy to afford due to its good mileage for long journeys. You can get add-on covers for bike insurance to make your bike insurance policy more practical and essential at the time of an unpredictable accident.

Some of the essential features of two-wheeler insurance are.

Zero Depreciation Cover

The two-wheeler owner pays the depreciation in most cases, which is unfair. It would help if you had an add-on covering zero depreciation fees. This plan covers everything like your two-wheeler's plastic, rubber, and fiber components.

Personal accident cover

Bike or two-wheeler accidents are for riders and passengers. The chance of injury or death is very high. So it would help if you had an add-on that covers personal hospitalization costs during a bike accident.

Medical cover

It is the most critical need to have a stress-free recovery during an accident. It is the reason why medical cover is necessary for your two-wheeler insurance plan. A medical cover takes all your hospitalization and travel costs in some cases. Health is wealth, and you should invest some money every month in a two-wheeler insurance plan to keep this wealth excellent and safe. YOu can get many two-wheeler insurances online where you can add-on medical coverage.

Cashless hospitalization

This is a valuable add-on for a two-wheeler insurance policy. Square insurance offers maximum add-on with too many diverse options. It is rugged and not affordable to deal in cash during an accident. It would help if you had an add-on that covers all of your charges in the cashless mode for the smooth functioning of the accidental recovery process.


Add-on cover in bike insurance policy adds extra benefits to the same ordinary policy which helps you at the time of accident to easily recover you and vehicle's body. These add-ons have different varieties and offer you different options using which you can easily cover most of your damage during an unpredicted accident. You can find add-on covers for bike insurance online and choose the one that makes your insurance policy complete.


What is an add-on cover in a Bike insurance policy?

An add-on cover provides extra added benefits, and the regular policy cover helps you save a lot of money.

What is an add-on cover?

An add-on cover contains extra benefits that an ordinary insurance policy does not contain

How to add-on cover in a bike insurance policy?

In a bike insurance policy to add-on cover, you just have to go to the company's website and add some documents to add extra cover to your insurance policy.

How to choose the best add-on in a bike insurance policy?

To choose the best add-on, you should know which damage can cost you maximum on your two-wheeler. Buy cover for those areas and stay relaxed for a lifetime.

Can I add on the cover in my old insurance policy?

Yes, you can add-on cover for bike insurance online in your old insurance policy by just doing a few clicks.

Where can I add-on cover in a bike insurance policy?

You can visit the insurance provider's site, fill out necessary forms, and attach required documents. You can also directly contact them to ease your process.

What is the need for add-on cover in bike insurance?

You need add-on cover insurance to reduce the risk of emptying your bank account during an accident or damage to the vehicle.

What happens if I don't have an add-on cover with my bike insurance policy?

It can cost you a lot in an unpredictable accident if you don't have add-on cover insurance.

Average Insurance Vs add-on bike insurance?

You should choose add-on bike insurance to increase your chance of getting more cover during an accident.

When to add a cover to your bike insurance policy?

It is never too late, it depends on your will, but according to experts, you should buy an add-on cover as early as possible.