Why Having a Bike Insurance Policy is Necessary in India

 Why Having a Bike Insurance Policy is Necessary in India Square Insurance - 22 Feb 2023

Bike insurance in India is necessary because of uncertainty in daily human life who is driving the Two Wheeler / Bike / Scooters’ and cause of the same to other who is walking or driving on the roads and uncertainty might come in any form.

So we need to take insurance for our Two Wheeler / Bike / Scooters. As the famous saying goes “Precaution is better than cure”.

Two Wheeler Insurance policy provides the financial help immediately to insured and affected third party and his assets, it works as a saving that is accessible in case of any theft, accident, damage in vehicle, man-made disasters, etc.

Major reasons for having Bike Insurance in India-

Due to legal Liabilities

According to Indian Motor vehicle Act 1988, Third Party bike insurance is mandatory and compulsory to all bike owners. If you ever encounter an accident and get the third party and his asset’s loss or damage by your vehicle and your vehicle is insured, in that case Insurer (From which Insurance Company you get the third party insurance) is handle and liable to pay all accidental loss expense medical expenses, legal liabilities.

Financial Expenditure

Bike Insurance offers protection to your bike against thefts, accidents, man-made disasters, natural calamities etc. If vehicle gets damaged due to any these cause then, a Comprehensive/ Package bike insurance plan helps with repair costs. It connects the customer to the insurer by providing financial coverage for any loss of their Two Wheeler / Bike / Scooters and they are liable to pay the losses as per the selection base of coverage at the time of policy taken by insured.

Premium of Bike Insurance in India

Bike Insurance policy in India is valued on several terms of Bike such as

  • Make and Model of the bike
  • Age of the Bike as per the vehicle MFG and Registration
  • RTO Location of the Bike
  • NCB ( No claim Bonus)
  • Selection on Addon covers and other optional covers.

Coverage options selected by the customer Bike Insurance policies cost depends on the factors mentioned above. Online Bike insurance platform provides you the liberty of compare quotes and select policies according to suitable plan and desired insurance company as per convenience.

Bike insurance benefits in India

Legal Requirements

According to Indian Motor Vehicle act passed in 1988, it is mandatory for all Indians to have a third-party insurance policy for Two Wheeler / Bike / Scooters, operating on Indian roads.

Financial Protection

Bike Insurance helps you in case of accident for cover all repair costs, or replace the damaged vehicle, man-made disasters, natural calamities, as well as any third-party injuries. Except these it is helpful in case of theft, depending on the policy terms and condition the policyholder had selected the cost of the bike or its current value can be reimbursed.

Peace of mind

When a certain financial burden of unexpected events such as accidents, theft, natural calamities, etc. takes place then immediate financial support is necessary, which can be only stored in the form of bike insurance. So, a certain peace of mind is there if any incident happens then at least we have financial backup benefits.

Easy Claim settlement

With a valid bike insurance policy, the claim settlement process gets easy and the insurer handles most of the expenses according to coverage selection at the time of taken policy.

Adds value to the bike

Bike Insurance policy adds value to the bike by protecting it from unexpected events. That means, it gives the customer peace of mind basically, a protection towards their two wheeler. It also gives financial coverage and helps you comply with legal requirements.

No hassles

Bike insurance policy is no financial burden. Certain expenses are taken care off by the insurance, like in case of accidents, theft or other unexpected events.

Provides 24x7 roadside assistance

In case of emergency, bike insurance policies provide 24x7 help in case of any breakdowns or accidents.