Benefits Of Health Insurance

Benefits Of Health Insurance Square Insurance - 25 Feb 2022

The confusing nature of Health Insurance makes you doubt its true worth, and this leads you to postpone its purchase. The doubts in your mind can go from “Do I really need a Health Insurance?” to “I suffer from Diabetes, so I will be covered in case of hospitalization”. All these doubts lead to nothing but fears instead of the real use of the Health Insurance policy. So this blog is to let you know about the benefits of the health insurance that is people overlook.

Outpatient Department (OPD) covers

What if you and any of family members needs to consult a doctor at frequent intervals? One of the features that you can include in your Health Insurance Plan is the Outpatient Department (OPD) cover. This is provided by the health insurer with extra premium when gets added as it covers charges other than hospital expenses that will be normally get covered in the regular health insurance plan. Have a check on it with your insurer. Also, you may not get this cover for things like prescription lenses or glasses, cosmetic procedures like plastic surgery, ambulatory devices like glucometer, BP monitors and even health supplements.

At-Home Treatment

Some ailments can also be treated at home which is usually known as Domiciliary Hospitalization. As if one is suffering from illness or injury and might not need intensive care as provided in hospitals. These are some cases where the treatment continues for several months or years. For this situation, there are some insurance companies that cover such type expenses, even though with additional premiums. But then, these treatments fail in covering illness like Asthma, Bronchitis, Tonsillitis, Epilepsy, Upper Respiratory Tract Infection, etc.

Restoration Benefits

There could be an unfortunate situation in a family when all the family members need to be hospitalized at different times in a year for different ailments and the sum insured in the same year itself. But Restoration Policy lets you revive the entire sum insured in the policy year but with an extra premium. This is quite more beneficial if you have a floater policy.

Alternate Treatment

Nowadays, you can seek insurance cover for AYUSH treatments as well, i.e., Ayurveda, Yoga, Unani, Siddha, and Homeopathy. As per your plan, this ranges from Rs.2, 500 to Rs.20, 000. AYUSH also is an option, even though in a survey it is found that 90% of the Indian prefer allopathic treatment over AYUSH. There is something that your health insurance cannot cover is pre-hospitalization and post-hospitalization expenses, day care procedure and out-patient medical expenses. This also incorporates all preventive and rejuvenation treatment including treatments that are not medically covered.

Convalescence Benefit

Convalescence also known as Recovery Benefit is a small amount that is provided by the health insurer to cover the expenses that might occur post-hospitalization. It can be proved helpful in cases such as loss of income due to prolonged hospitalization or expenses incurred by family members. Don’t forget to get a proper understanding of10:49:00 the eligible benefits amount and period of coverage much before.

Daily Cash Cover

This deals with the cover of day-to-day expense the time you get admitted to the hospital like the cost of food, hospital visits of family members. The allowance in raised to double if the person in ICU. The claim gets covered as per the choice of the time period by the insurer which only till the time the person is hospitalized not after discharge.

So this blog is to let you know more about the benefits facts of the Health Insurance and you should not postpone its purchase due to fears.