Top 10 health insurance companies in India 2022

Square Insurance 22 Apr 2022
Top 10 health insurance companies in India 2022

Health insurance is a compulsion in today's unpredictable times where you can't say anything about the coming future. Many people face risk just because they are with the type of health insurance policies. The best health insurance company in India makes sure that you are getting maximum damage cover during a natural calamity occurring to you and support your family financially.

Almost 30% of the Indian population does not have any health insurance policy, according to the report. Health insurance acts as a shield for you and your family in the case of any medical emergency to support them financially by covering all your medical expenses, including travelling charges.

Now you have an idea about the health insurance policy, let's quickly jump on the factors affecting the ranking of insurance policies in India.

Factors that are affecting the ranking of insurance policies in India.

Some of the factors that affect the ranking of the health insurance companies are unique and make them easily accessible to ordinary people. The factors are not so common among the top insurance providers in India. Each person has different definitions of health insurance policies depending upon a person's goals, requirements, and needs. It helps even increase the chances of getting financial benefits during an accident.

Some of the most important factors affecting the ranking of websites in India.

Health insurance plans availability

Types of insurance company plans are the common factor everyone looks at before buying an insurance policy in India. However, unlike normal family health insurance some plans only cover damage from general health insurnace policy.. Other insurance policies cover children, women, and the elderly. Top health insurance companies in India provide maximum availability of their insurance types. Select an insurance provider that provides a plan that suits the requirements of your health insurance policy.

Hospitals with Cashless Network

Most health insurance providers collaborate with several hospitals to provide cashless claims to the insurance holder. To examine the strength of the insurance's cahsless hospitals when you are going to the insirance policy. Square health insurance is one of the best service providers that settle your claim in a flash.

The ratio of claim settlement

The company's claim settlement ratio should be very high, and it should include simple processes to claim the insurance policy quickly. Moreover, which means the total number of shares, percentage of claims it receives in a particular fiscal year. Best health insurance companies will allow you to quickly settle your claim to get the best and easy cover during an accident. Having high claim settlement ration

Customer service support

When choosing a health insurance company, you should never forget about the customer service availability and quality. Moreover, finding a company that provides twenty-four into seven customer support is mainly preferred by the users. Health insurance companies in India are continuously looking forward to providing the best customer service. You can face queries related to your health insurance policy at any time, and to solve those problems, you should have a health insurance policy that provides maximum customer support.

Size of the company

Depending upon the size of the business, you can also choose the health insurance policy that has the maximum number of features. The company's size is determined based on the number of premiums sold by the company. In similar words, an insurance company that sells more plans has a larger market size.

Claim Resolution Procedure

Your insurance provider should have a quick claims settlement system to select the best Insurance that can help you better in an emergency. At the time of an emergency, no one would like to involve themselves in the complex and lengthy claim settlement procedures. A Care health insurance company should allow the users with a quick claim settlement ratio to ease getting a cover.

Ratings and Reviews

Knowing what the former policyholder company has to say about the particular health insurance company may help you select the best insurance plan. Reading genius reviews online can help you differentiate from the bundle of companies online. You can have the best rating and reviews, but you need to provide the best services to the insurance policyholders. Square health insurance has the best rating and reviews due to its continued hard work.

Accolades and Awards

Every company includes an award and honors section that can help the user to get an idea about the company to select the best among the multiple options. You can quickly discover how many awards and honors the particular company possesses. You can also check the claim settlement ratio of health insurance companies after selecting the insurance policy based on reviews and awards.

Customer Service

You will get good customer care support from a good insurance company to get the best health insurance policy service. A great health insurance service provider should have an insurance policy twenty-four hours a day each week. They should respond quickly to your phone calls and solve all your top queries based on the customer service accessibility and availability in an emergency.

These are some factors on which you can easily classify health insurance policy and allow you to choose the best service out of the multiple services provided to you. Now let's quickly jump on to India's ten health insurance companies in 2022.

Top ten health insurance companies in India in 2022.

Making a list of the top ten companies is a complex and tedious task. Every insurance provider nowadays offers attractive offers and excellent services to the user due to the massive competition in the market. India's best health insurance company focuses on providing cover to the insurance holder in the best and simplest way possible.

Here is the list of the top ten companies in India.

HDFC ERGO General Insurance Company

It is an integration of HDFC and ERGO International AG, one of the leading insurance companies in Germany. Rural Insurance provides animal and crop insurance to the insurance holder. The company serves all the retail, rural, and corporate markets. The sector covers the damages to vehicles, health, travel, home, personal, and cybersecurity. Corporate products involve marine, liability, and property insurance.

It is a leading health insurance company in India due to its ability to transform the lives of the insurance holder by providing them with covers and easy claim settlement procedures at the time of an unpredictable accident.

Star Health and Allied Insurance Company Limited

It is an Insurance providing company that is multinational, and it is based in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. This health insurance company also provides health insurance covers to foreign companies due to its presence in different nations. It is among the best health insurance companies due to its ability to transform people's lives by helping them at the time of any health emergency. They offer health, international travel insurance, and personal accidents through agents, brokers, and the internet.

Niva Bupa health insurance company limited: It is a health insurance company based in India and has its headquarters in New Delhi, India. It started its journey by collaborating with Max India Limited and Bupa, an International healthcare limited company based in the United Kingdom. India's Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority regulates the company, and Niva Bupa has been running since 2010. The company uses an intelligent device called AnyTimeHealth that allows customers to buy health insurance in just a fraction of a second.

SBI General Insurance Company Limited

SBI is India's most extensive state-owned banking and financial services corporation that helps people trade, keep and receive money from anywhere. Its retail offerings include health, home, personal accident, travel, and auto insurance, while fire, marine, liability insurance, aviation, engineering, and construction are with its commercial offerings. It is among India's top health insurance companies due to its ability to quickly claim settlements and provide maximum coverage to the insurance policyholder during a health emergency.

Care health Insurance Company Limited

It is a health insurance provider that provides health insurance to corporate employees, individual clients, and those looking for financial inclusion. The company invests in applying technology to each to the highest level of excellence in product innovation, customer servicing, and providing the best value for the money. Customer centricity is the main point of operation of this type of health insurance company.

It has a vision of securing the future environment for the customers by offering them customised health insurance plans like family floater plans, senior citizens' health plans, maternity coverage, diabetes coverage, specific travel insurance plans, and senior citizens' health plans.

ManipalCigna Health Insurance Company Limited

is a leading name in the stand-alone health insurance firm and insurance business. This company is an integration of Cigna and Manipal group. The medical services provided by this company are personal accident, critical sickness, family floater, individual health insurance, group media claims, overseas travel protection, and top-ups. Best health insurance companies in India are providing the best health insurance plans that keep the requirements of their customers in mind. The company continuously adopts technological advancements to provide the best and top-notch services to the customers.

Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company Limited

It is a private sector general insurance providing firm in India, helping most people with its smooth claim settlement process. The company is a sum of Bajaj Finserv Limited and Allianz SE. As bajaj is a leading name in various industries worldwide, the insurance providers are offering the best healthcare to the insurance holder at the time of any health emergency. It has a fantastic choice of insurance services, products, and savings.

It is a leading health insurance providing company in India with multiple branches across India. You have to be very careful and active to buy India's best health insurance policy that can have more back in a medical emergency.

The New India Assurance Company Limited

It is a general firm on the national level based in Maharashtra. The company owner is the Government of India's Ministry of Finance. Moreover, it was a subsidiary of India's general insurance corporation (GIC). They are known for the smooth claim settlement ratio of health insurance companies. You can choose the company with the best health insurance services in the market.

It comes under the best insurance companies in India due to the standards and services to the insurance holders. It is a national-level organisation helping people across India to save themselves from any financial attraction during a health emergency.

Oriental insurance company limited

It is a branch of the government of India's ministry of finance. The company's headquarter is in New Delhi. It is a multinational company with branches in the United States, Dubai, Kuwait, Nepal, etc. More than 170 insurance products are available from the company when health insurance provides. This company is known for providing its services to the best extent possible, and it covers your entire expenditure during a medical expenditure.

National Insurance Company Limited

The owner of this company is the state, and it is a public company. This company's portfolio includes various attractive plans that exist to attract the maximum number of people. It is among India's best health insurance companies due to its services and the plans they are providing to its customers. Its portfolio includes a variety of general insurance plans. You can be lucky if you are taking the services made for the people and securing them at the time of a health emergency.

Now you know about India's top health insurance companies in 2022 and based on which they are classified. Let's quickly look at the conclusion to health insurance companies to get the best insurance services.


The health insurance sector is growing due to the increase in the health disease in India and the increase in the awareness of health insurance terms and conditions. Top health insurance companies in India provide the best health insurance plans to the users to help them easily cover their expenditures during a health emergency. Square Life Insurance offers some of the best health insurance plans with a smooth claim settlement process. You should have health insurance coverage at times like these when you can't predict anything about the coming future.


Top five insurance companies depending upon the Claim Settlement Ratio (CSR)?

  • Best health insurance companies are classified based on the claim settlement ratio (CSR). It lists the best insurance companies for people to choose from the best.
  • The list of these insurance companies are as follows,
  • With a CSR rank of 96.57%, IFFCO is at the top.
  • With a CSR of 96.41%, Magma HDI General Insurance Co. Ltd. is on the second list.
  • A CSR of 94.28% Oriental Insurance Co. Ltd. is on the 3rd price.
  • With a CSR of 93.68%, Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Co. Ltd. is in the 4th rank.

Which health insurance company offers coverage to kidney transplant patients?

Many health insurance policies in India offer coverage for kidney diseases and, in some cases, a kidney transplant. Multiple plans cover the expenses of kidney transplants and after-transplant damage coverage in case of any diseases in the future. Before buying an insurance policy, you must check all the inclusions and exclusions to get the maximum coverage during a kidney transplant and minimum stress.

Why in India every health insurance company provides only for hospitalisation expenses in India?

It is a misunderstanding among the people of India that health insurance companies only cover hospitalisation expenses in India. Moreover, if you choose the right insurance policy and use proper add-ons, you can have covers based on several health covers based on some factors. A good health insurance policy covers extra features like organ donor expenses, OPD expenses, ambulance expenses, domiciliary treatment, daycare procedures, etc. Before choosing the health insurance policy, you should check all the covers and financial support.

Is it possible to transfer my health insurance policy from one company to another?

If your insurance provider company offers the benefit of portability from one company to another, you can easily transport your insurance policy from one company to another. A portability offer is taken into use by the insurance holder when they are not satisfied with the company's services. To benefit from this feature, you need to contact your respective insurance company, and you need to provide the required documents to avail the benefits of this feature. At the time of renewal, only you can benefit from transferring the policy from one company to another.

Do insurance companies in India cover insulin expenses?

Yes, multiple health insurance companies are providing cover related to diabetes. You need to check the features and covers provided by the insurance provider before buying the policy. Insulin cover is critical for a patient with diabetes to save you lots of money during an emergency.

What is a cashless facility?

A cashless facility is a process in which companies tie up arrangements with several hospitals around the country to provide cashless treatment to the users at any hospital part of the insurance policy providers. This facility helps the best health insurance companies achieve their financial goals quickly and reach heights they have never thought of going.

Is my insurance policy valid for PAN India?

It is the most critical question you should ask before buying a health insurance policy in India. The company has a list of these hospitals, and you need to find out which hospital in the network tree of the company is offering these services. YOu should also check whether the company's claim settlement has any geographical limitations or not.

What happens if the insurance policyholder is admitted to a non-network hospital?

In an emergency, you can be admitted to a hospital that may not be a part of the insurance providers' network list. In conditions like these, you have to pay all the bills of the expenses and then contact your insurance provider for reimbursement of the financial loss you are bearing. So, to have your cover, you need to find out the reimbursement process and the documents required for the same.

What are the methods of claim processing that I should follow?

The claim settlement process tests your health insurance policy during an emergency. You should know about the claim settlement process of the company to assess whether the process is complex or straightforward. The best health insurance company should have the features to save you from the financial drainage that you can face during a health emergency.

What are the documents that you require for claiming your health insurance?

You can have a standard health insurance question while buying a health insurance policy in India. The company asks for financial proof before allowing you to get the claim processed smoothly. You need to provide the documents like health care, hospitalisation bills, identity proof of the member, etc. In the case of cashless settlement, you need to have a pre-authorization form submitted to the TPA, and other documents may be required to be submitted at the time of the health insurance claim process.

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