SPL-2023 First Match

SPL-2023 First Match Square Insurance - 02 May 2023

Square Royal won the match with flying colors: Square Premiere League(SPL) began with a pounding match, and the winning team received 11,000 as a cash prize

India's popularly known insurance company Square Insurance Private Limited every year, this year from April 8, hosted SPL 2023. Being a part of such a league help employees to unwind from stress, relax, feel refreshed, and tackle work challenges with renewed focus. The first match was between Square Super King And Square Royal at Mansarover Playspace Ground. It was an exciting match between the two, by defeating Square Super King, Square Royals won the match with flying colors. Leagues like SPL provides a fun and engaging activity outside of the traditional business context, the company gets the chance to create a positive impression and build stronger connections with the participants in the event.

Cricket matches like SPL are hosted annually between POS, company agents, and other insurance companies to play a friendly cricket match to promote employee engagement and team building. It enhances brand awareness and also creates a friendly environment. Mr.Rakesh Kumar MD of Square Insurance Broker, Sunil Kumar (CEO), and N.K Jain regulatory board director of the company were the special chief guests for this event. Mr. Rakesh Kumar (MD) announced the “Overall champion team will be awarded a cash prize and with a winner’s SPL Trophy.” To boost the teammate spirit the whole team will also be gifted by sponsoring a foreign tour to them. The Finale match will be hosted in mid-may.