SPL 2023 Launching Ceremony

SPL 2023 Launching Ceremony Square Insurance - 14 Apr 2023

SPL-2023: Cricket Tournament

Square Insurance brokers have announced the launching ceremony of SPL on 8thApril,2023. Mr. Rakesh Kumar (MD) and Mr. Sunil Kumar (CEO) of the square insurance brokers have collectively decided to host SPL(Square Premier League) every year to boost their POS and employee members. The motivation of hosting this competition is to nurture teamwork, create a fun and engaging workplace culture.

This is an exercise for staff members to enjoy and to build a relationship between team and the company. Hosting competitions like this helps to boost employee morale and create a positive work culture.

The matches will be conducted between teams, Square Royal, Square Super Kings and Square Knight Riders. The winning team will get a winning trophy and also an opportunity to travel abroad representing our company. All the matches will be held in the stadium till May 30.