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How to become an Insurance agent in India

How to become an Insurance agent in India Square Insurance - 16 Mar 2022

You may have so many thoughts in your head as to what to do or how to make extra money if you are looking for ways to earn more money to live a good life. A career as an insurance agent is one of the best ways to supplement your income, even if you are already employed. Here are some tips on becoming an insurance agent in India and what you need to do to Insurance aggregators. Square Insurance offers a platform where their POS Advisors can make money by selling insurance policies.

Insurance: What is it?

Insuring against financial loss provides security and protection type of risk management primarily used to mitigate the risk of a contingent or accidental loss. Insurers are entities that provide insurance services. Become a vehicle insurance agent in India by having specific skills.

Individuals and entities who purchase insurance are known as insureds or policyholders. An insured expects a guaranteed amount and recognizes a nearly minimal loss in the insurance transaction.

The insurer receives a payment in return to guarantee to pay the insured in case of a covered loss. Losses can be both financial and non-financial. However, we must reduce it to monetary terms. It usually refers to things where the insured has an insurable interest based on ownership and possession. Therefore, agents are in demand to sell insurance.

Products that insurance agents sell

The market offers a wide range of insurance options. Now you have to decide which upright is right for you. If you want to trade insurance products, you should understand the following:

  • Insurance for life
  • Insurance for automobiles
  • Insurance that protects your income
  • Can Sell Bike Insurance Online
  • Insurance for properties
  • Insurance for burial
  • Insurance for surplus lines
  • Insurance against business interruption
  • Insurance for travel
  • A property and casualty insurer, for example, is a specific upright.
  • At present, one can only join one life insurance company and one general insurance company. Further, one must register with an insurance company to take the exam. The company provides the training and license. Knowing which type of insurance one needs to market to become an insurance agent is necessary.

What is an insurance agent?

As a representative of insurance providers, an insurance agent acts as a client consultant. Insurance agents provide the necessary policies and other insurance requirements to the clients by educating them about the available options and resolving any related inquiries.

Insurance agents: types

Insurance agents may differ according to the distribution channels used by insurance companies, as directed by the IRDA.

Internal insurance sales agent

- Internal insurance sales agents are companies working full-time. They sell insurance policies only for the company.

Captive insurance agent

- A captive insurance agent sells only the products of one insurance company.

Point of Sales Person

- An independent broker or point of sale person is an IRDA-approved insurance agent who offers customers a variety of insurance policies from different insurance companies. With a license code from IRDA, POP can work with and sell multiple insurance policies to clients simultaneously.

What it takes to become an insurance agent

Insurance agents interested in becoming insurance agents in India must register online on the IRDA (Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority in India) portal. In modern times, one can easily register online through the websites of insurance companies. They can also approach an insurance aggregator to get a wide selection of products and companies. For example, if someone is interested in becoming a Square Insurance insurance POS advisor, they can contact the company by visiting its website or Partner Registration page. All you have to do is enter a few details, and Square Insurance will get in touch shortly afterward.

Square Insurance makes it easy to complete training and license in a few days. All you need is a few documents and a few steps. Additionally, you will have to complete 15 hours of online training before appearing for the IRDA certification exam, and all of that training is free. Furthermore, the IRDA website also provides study materials for insurance agents/POSP, which can assist them in understanding what it takes to become an insurance agent/POSP. The study materials are available in multiple languages, including English, Hindi, Marathi, Gujarati, Tamil, Bengali, Kannada, Malayalam, Telugu, and Punjabi. Additionally, there are links to the insurance institute of India portals, corporate agents, and FAQs.

Having the opportunity to become an insurance agent/POSP can be a lucrative and stress-free career path. Without being tied to a desk or a 9-5 job, you can choose your working hours and work from home. The insurance industry or working as a POS advisor is an excellent option for retirees, mothers staying at home, or anyone looking for supplemental income.

An insurance agent is responsible for what?

It's essential to understand the responsibilities of an insurance agent before we look into how to become one. Agents work for insurance companies and aggregators, and they help sell insurance products to customers. An insurance agent's job is to help people choose the right kind of insurance for their needs. Insurance advisors and agents offer various types of insurance: health insurance, travel insurance, life insurance, general insurance, home insurance, etc.

Selling insurance as a POS (Insurance Advisor) involves selling insurance to individuals and families, generally to people you know personally, such as friends, family, and relatives. Companies and businesses need multiple policies, group policies, and buy products from Insurance Advisors. When working from home, an insurance agent with sound sales and networking skills can make a good amount of money. Some agents' income comes from sales commissions (the number and value of policies sold will determine the income). The insurance agents employed by the company receive a salary plus bonuses for achieving the company's sales targets. Agents may also receive support services such as clerical assistance.

Who can become an insurance agent?

DThe following criteria must exist by anyone seeking to become an insurance agent as per IRDA guidelines:

  • Insurance Agents/POSs should possess a bachelor's degree (graduate). Nonetheless, someone with significant talent and sales experience who has dropped out of school may also qualify as an agent. As such, a 10th pass is to become an insurance agent.
  • The documents required include proof of identity, certifications of the requisite exams, proof of address, and a copy of your PAN card.
  • An individual must undergo specific training to become an insurance agent. Depending on what type of insurance the individual intends to deal with, the number of training hours may differ for various types of insurance, for example. Likewise, if the individual is applying for a new license or renewing a claim, the duration of the training will vary. In addition, some companies train their agents on the job.

Qualifications to Become an Insurance Agent

You must meet the basic requirements for an applicant to become an Insurance agent:


The applicant must have completed the 10th Standard. Age - 18 years or older IRDA Certification - Certified with the Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India (IRDAI)

License from the state

Every state supports the insurance business. Depending on the state's regulations, one must pass a state-level exam to receive a license.

The steps to becoming an insurance agent


Go to the website of your choice, find the agent application, and provide the requested information.


To become an insurance agent, you will require completing the basic training mandated by the IRDA. The activity can be offline or online; it is a 15 hours course within two to three days. Post completion will provide the application with a certificate.

License Exam

Once the applicant has the training, they must sit through a pre-licensing exam and qualify for it. The exam format is objective type one needs to score a minimum of 17 out of 50 marks to be eligible as an insurance agent.

Receiving the License

The qualified candidate gets a license awarded by India's Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority (IRDAI) to start working as a certified insurance agent.

What You Need To Become An Insurance Agent

There are three major salary structures for insurance agents:

Wage:Basic Wage Salaries plus a bonus are either annually or when the company/agency reaches its set goals. The most commonly used remuneration format is a salary plus commission for the insurance industry. It is calculated based on the number of insurance done/policies sold and factors related to whether the policy is a new business or renewal.

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A guide to success as an insurance agent

To keep your skills relevant, you should always keep updating them. You can become a successful insurance agent if you follow these tips:

Discover Common Ground

An insurance quote is a more personal experience, and how you communicate to the prospective client determines whether the ice has been in the first few minutes. Be captivating in your pitch.

Stay up-to-date

It's sometimes not enough to know how the policies work. The best way to be exceptional is to be aware of what is happening in the news and how it may impact your business and the products you recommend. Being aware of the news will allow you to tap the client with these options.

Market using tools -

Start exploring and engaging with marketing methods to keep up with the trend. For example, if your client is interested in learning more about the policy, send them the e-brochure, let them know about the latest policy update that can save them more on premium, and forward the website link to learn more about the policy.

As a precaution, family members can keep in mind that these details come for future reference for the family members.

Being an insurance agent has many benefits:

However, the age of 18 is the minimum age to start earning.

An advantage of becoming an insurance agent is the ease of admission; most agents only need to complete high school. Insurance agents can begin their careers following the completion of the 12th Standard. There is nothing more important than the thrill of the hunt, the rush of a sale.

You can also become your boss

It is best to have entrepreneurial aspirations and a desire to develop your own business to become an insurance agent. Then, as a self-employed individual, you can set your schedule while attracting and retaining customers. You get more returns by investing more time and resources. Selling insurance requires the right mindset.

Flexibility in working hours

It is not uncommon for employees at most office jobs to start working at 9 am and work until 6 pm during the day. Agents at insurance companies, on the other hand, often work flexible hours. In addition, based on their preferences, insurance agents can work from home or set up offices away from their homes.

The best opportunity for a homemaker

It's possible to contribute to your household income and become financially independent as a homemaker. By helping people understand insurance plans and buy them, retired people could also create additional income streams as insurance agents. In addition, people with other occupations can also use this as a great source of part-time income. The time and place that you want to work as a life insurer or agent are up to you once you become one.

Experts in the industry can provide you with valuable information.

You'll also have plenty of opportunities to develop your personal and professional skills as an insurance agent whose training programs are by experts. During training, you can expect classroom instruction, field experiences, and one-on-one coaching.

Providing their agents most training and development support, the industry holds seminars/workshops, provides additional training, and helps facilitate networking. Aside from keeping up to date with the latest events, insurance agents can learn from the industry's best.

Changing someone's life is possible.

Are you opinion that occupations such as doctors and teachers have only positive impacts on people's lives? As insurance agents, they assist people in many ways, such as providing for their families, managing children's education, transferring wealth from one generation to the next, and planning retirement.

People and society have a golden opportunity to impact the insurance industry positively. The economic tool of insurance plays a crucial role in protecting businesses and families from becoming impoverished. As an insurance agent, you can make a difference in people's lives, and that feeling will keep you on your toes.

Can you become a licensed agent in the insurance field with square insurance? Here are a few reasons to become an insurance agent with square insurance.

Join square insurance to become an insurance agent: Become a licensed insurance agent.

Becoming a licensed insurance agent with square insurance is a great opportunity, and it would provide a significant breakthrough to your career. As a licensed insurance agent with square insurance, you can make a much-needed change in your career and launch a great career with much less investment. In addition, with so many opportunities to prove yourself and demonstrate your unique skill set, you'd have plenty of chances to prove why you're different.

Square Insurance is your new role.

  • Any location where you can quickly meet people, such as your home or small office, is a suitable place for you to work from
  • The training modules must be carefully read to assist the customers adequately.
  • Your responsibility is to collect all documents we need for our operation.
  • We are available should you have any issues or questions.

Square Insurance Commission Structure

It is common for people to wonder when and how they will feel. However, you can be confident that you will make your maximum gain every 15 days and receive your payment directly into your account with square insurance. If you find all of this so appealing, you may wish to check out the square insurance commission structure. In addition, you can earn quite a bit of money as an insurance agent since the average pays 15%-28%.

Take Flight: Become an Insurance Agent - Establish Yourself

Getting into the insurance business is not different from doing anything else. To become a strong force in your field, you must learn the nuances of the trade. Then, you can set your targets as an insurance agent and achieve them at your own pace. As an insurance agent, you can help people ensure the future financial security of their families and themselves. While doing this, you build up your reputation as one of the best insurance agents in India.

In conclusion

BI sincerely hope you've found this article helpful in becoming an insurance agent. You can get started by registering yourself today. The benefits of being an insurance agent are endless. In addition to making a profit, you will have the opportunity to grow and increase your revenue. Square insurance offers an opportunity for you to become a licensed insurance agent.


Becoming a licensed insurance agent with square insurance is a great opportunity, and it would provide a significant breakthrough to your career. As a licensed insurance agent with square insurance, you can make a much-needed change in your career and launch a great career with much less investment. In addition, with so many opportunities to prove yourself and demonstrate your unique skill set, you'd have plenty of chances to prove why you're different.

Do insurance agents make a salary?

An agent typically receives a salary and a commission or incentive based on sales in the insurance business.

What are the requirements for becoming an insurance agent?

A life insurance agent's job is relatively straightforward than most finance jobs. High school graduation is the only educational requirement. To become an insurance agent, you will need a license.

An independent insurance agent differs from a captive insurance agent in what way?

Life insurance agents fall into two categories. The main difference between captive and independent agents is that captive agents work for a single insurance company, while independent agents work with various insurers and can offer a wide range of quotes and financial solutions to their customers.

To become an agent, do I need sales experience?

If you meet the eligibility criteria, you do not have prior sales experience to become an insurance agent. You may benefit from the expertise in understanding the job role if you have the experience.

How do insurance agents develop their skills?

Insurers must possess problem-solving, customer service, communication, and negotiation skills.

What is the minimum eligibility requirement to become an insurance agent?

Anyone can become an insurance agent and have a regular income. Anyone can achieve their personal and professional goals through this career, from business people to homemakers and teachers to distributors of financial products, even retired individuals.

Insurance agents can become successful if they possess the following skills:

  • Teacher: You have several qualities as a teacher that will assist you in becoming a good agent. You will only add value to your business if you have good communication skills, patience, understanding, and perseverance.
  • Retired: You can make a difference in your golden years. The simple fact that you have seen it all makes you a better Max Life Insurance Agent. So enjoy your golden years and make the most of them.
  • Self-Employed: If you can deal with customers, you can double your income by becoming an insurance agent. Earn more from your own business by helping your customers with the best-suited insurance products. To succeed as an insurance agent, you need to maintain a good relationship with your existing clients.

To become an insurance agent, you must meet the following requirements:

    Age requirement: 18 years old
  • Education: 12th grader

What are the advantages of becoming an insurance agent?

Choosing to become an insurance agent (or an insurance advisor) is a stress-free and rewarding career pursuit.

Why you should become an insurance agent in India:

The 9 to 5 workday does not exist, and you can work from home if you wish. People with some time on their hands can earn income from home easily by becoming an insurance agent during these difficult times when they are isolated from society. It is always a good idea to increase the family's income. You can become an insurance agent if you are a college graduate, a retiree, or a stay-at-home mom.

Are there any benefits to becoming an insurance agent in India?

You will act as the final point of contact between the policy buyer and the insurance company as an insurance agent. By representing the insurer across multiple platforms, you become eligible for monetary, social, and personal benefits. These include:

  • Earn money at 18 years of age
  • You are your boss
  • Establish a stable income
  • Flexible working hours
  • Make a Difference in People's Lives

How are insurance agents classified in India?

Insurance agents can be into several categories, including: An internal sales agent To become an internal sales agent (also known as an in-house agent), you must work as an insurance company employee. Exclusive Sales Agent You will work for one company or organization as a captive sales agent. Independent agent of the insurance Independent Insurance Agents act as general contractors. Have individual agreements with each insurance company to promote their products.

Insurance agents in India have specific roles and responsibilities.

  • The first thing you must do is have in-depth knowledge and understanding of the various markets.
  • To be a successful consultant, you must provide your clients with sound and reliable financial consulting services and customer support.
  • To enhance your abilities as an insurance agent, you need to be skilled at Business Development tactics.
  • It is your responsibility to develop marketing strategies and illustrations for brand promotion
  • Invest in public relations structure-activities and understand the choices and thought processes of your customers

How does one become an insurance agent? What are the eligibility requirements?

A licensed insurance agent must be 18 years old and have passed Intermediate (10+2) to become licensed by the IRDA (Licensing of Insurance Agents)/Regulations, 2000. Therefore, becoming an insurance agent requires passing a state-/centrally-recognized examination based on your 12th Standard.

What are the reasons for retired people becoming life insurance agents?

In their working years, retired people make a decent living, but their sources of income diminish once they retire. The only option available to them if they don't have any retirement savings or cannot support themselves financially following retirement is to depend upon others. The insurance industry can assure you a steady income without the hassles of working in an office or having fixed work hours.

One can make a difference to someone's life by becoming an insurance agent, helping them protect their loved ones' future against the uncertainties of life. In doing so, not only can they spend their retirement productively, but they will also be able to control your work as well.

What are the benefits of homemakers becoming life insurance agents?

Insurance agents assist clients with building assets, transferring wealth from parents to their children, and planning retirement. You have the chance of a lifetime to make a difference in the social fabric and ensure people's financial security. As a result, when you decide to become an insurance agent, you empower yourself to change lives, and this feeling keeps you motivated and makes you feel satisfied. A career as an insurance agent entails being your boss, defining your income, and assisting others in building a financially secure future for themselves and their families.

What are the advantages of self-employed people becoming life insurance agents?

Performance-based opportunity to earn more. Our happiness depends significantly on the work-life balance we have today. The juggling act of balancing work and home is often arduous in a corporate environment. Due to this, many people prefer to be self-employed rather than working for others at set hours. A career as an insurance agent in India allows one to choose the work hours and the pay according to their preferences.

What types of insurance do you offer as an agent?

General insurance licenses, life insurance licenses, or both are available for becoming an insurance agent in India. In India, you can also become an agent for a life insurance company, non-life insurance company, health insurance company, and even the Agriculture Insurance Company of India (which sells crop insurance). You can represent other financial institutions, including mutual funds and small savings organizations, through IRDA-licensed insurance agents. During this time, your insurance agent license remains valid.

In India, who can become an insurance agent?

Whether you're new to the industry or have been in it for a while, becoming an insurance agent is a rewarding and exciting opportunity. 'People's persons' can be housewives, college graduates, and retired individuals who earn a steady income. Our country has a large number of unemployed individuals. According to the World Bank, only 27 percent of adult women in India were actively seeking work in 2012. During the same period, 79 percent of the male population worked. Between 2005 and 2012, approximately 20 million women lost their jobs.

Join square insurance to become an insurance agent: Become a licensed insurance agent.

Becoming a licensed insurance agent with square insurance is a great opportunity, and it would provide a significant breakthrough to your career. As a licensed insurance agent with square insurance, you can make a much-needed change in your career and launch a great career with much less investment. In addition, with so many opportunities to prove yourself and demonstrate your unique skill set, you'd have plenty of chances to prove why you're different.

Square Insurance is your new role.

  • Any location where you can quickly meet people, such as your home or small office, is a suitable place for you to work from
  • The training modules must be carefully read to assist the customers adequately.
  • Your responsibility is to collect all documents we need for our operation.
  • We are available should you have any issues or questions.