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Monsoon Safety Checklist for Your Car

lorem ipsum admin     02-08-2019

Rains, clouds make people happy. The approach of dark clouds signs a respite from the heat of the summer. This time, everything around us looks really vibrant and fresh aroma, long drive is the very first which comes into our mind as we look outside. Sure, it does entice one’s senses but you have to be extra careful while driving in rainy weather. Chances of mis-happenings, i.e. accidents at roads get increased in monsoon. 

Let’s go through with the checklist which will help you to hit the roads in monsoon!

Keep Your Windshield Clean

Driving in misty conditions can be quite challenging specially, when you’re not used to of it. The dense clouds may remind you of Harry Potter driving through the clouds but if you’ll caught in this; it could be an evil trap. At this time, we won’t be able to see exactly where we’re going; it may expose on the road to dangerous situations that causes tragedy within times. Hence, visibility is the main word when we are driving in foggy condition, so to be prepared for these conditions it needs to be ensured that your wipers are in proper shape and can move easily to remove water. Keep your air conditioner’s setting on “fresh air” mode so windows won’t misty. 

Check Your Tyres and Brakes

It is require to check that your brakes are in perfect condition while rainy season because the drums/discs get wet and become less effective. Properly working brakes are must in the car doesn’t matter the weather or conditions. Worn out brakes may increase breaking distances, sometimes chances of failure are high. While picking up your car to take out in rainy season, you can test brakes by starting the engine, letting your car idle for a while and pressing the brake pedal with constant vigor – if the pedal endures to sink there might be a leak in the system. Timely inspect your car’s braking system from a professional and change worn out components as soon as possible. A well-running or managed set of brakes are your biggest friend in rainy season- braking distances are increased on wet roads. In order to overcome with this situation, be ensured that you are maintaining an optimal type pressure as mentioned in the car service booklet. 

Leaks and rust- 

As per our weather conditions, it is common for rubber seals over panels such as – sunroofs, windshield to start leak over the time. Another common occurrence is clogging of drainage a hole around the car it may cases the growth of rust as if water accumulates in the area. Hence, it is good to determine the sources of leakage and make the fix as soon as possible. Furthermore, the drainage holes can be unclogged after a proper service and cleaning.

Pre-monsoon service-

It would be really good if you send your car when monsoon is near so as to fix all the issues and you can drive car effectively in rainy season. Including, those issues which you’re unable to miss or unable to rectify yourself. You can also opt for a professional cleaning and polishing packages as part of the service as well, in order to prevent your car from the elements. 

Paint and body work-

Sometimes, there is a leak in rubber seals over the car cause of rusting, another area of concern is places where the paint coat is damaged. Exposed metal is more prone to rusting and it’s best to get these areas repaired at the earliest. As rusting might create the hassle worse than it was. Moreover, make sure to keep the underside of the car clean and clear of the road grime and dirt. These will be lead to chassis corrosion. Hence, a coat of polish is required after a wash is highly recommended as it won’t not only make car shiny buy also forms a protective layer on its body. 

Use Foot Mats-

I recommend you to purchase a set of 2 or 3 foot mats and change them frequently; it keeps your car hygienic and clean. As we all know that rainy season leads into muddy and damp roads. So, before stepping into the car, keep brings footwear along unwanted dirt and mud that makes must have foot mats in monsoon.

Switch on fog lamps -

Nowadays, cars are equipped with fog lamps, so you can turn them on while dense clouds or fog. It alters other drivers on the road of your presence as visibility in fog and rains. Visibility is also affected in rainy season, so headlights, taillights and fog-lights has to be well-maintained. Check for cracks or breakage on the glass of the lights in order to ensure that water does not enter in the light assemblies. Always lug few spare fuses in the toolkit, and be ensure that all the external wires of lights and fog lamps are accurately insulated.

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