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Personal Solutions


Any insurance policy needed for insuring assets owned by & risks associated to people comprise Personal Insurance. These typically form the second largest portion of Insurance Sales in India. The product ranges from the abundant demanded "Health Insurance" and extends to the other personal insurances like "Accidental Insurance", "Travel Insurance", "Home Insurance", "Personal Liability Insurance", "Appliances Insurance" and "Life Insurance". There are hundreds of closely connected policies offered by totally different insurance firms. Proper skilled recommendation is needed to pick out an appropriate product.

Health Insurance / Mediclaim - One among the foremost conspicuously hunted for Insurance solution, health insurance in India, usually pays for under inmate hospitalization and for treatment at hospitals in India. The advent of personal insurers in India saw the introduction of the much innovative merchandise like family floater plans, indefinite quantity plans, critical illness plans & hospital cash Policies. Claims can typically be created within the Empanelled hospitals as Cashless Treatments, but treatment taken in non-network hospitals are reimbursed. Health Insurance Policies are often of following broad types:

  • Individual Health Cover: Taken for an Individual with marked Sum Insured.
  • Family Floater:Taken for an entire family with the Sum Insured usually shared by all members.
  • Critical Illness Policy: Covers a set of listed crucial illnesses, upon the happening of that, a fixed amount is paid to the beneficiary.
  • Top-up or Super Top-up Policy: A regular health insurance policy which works after a nominative threshold limit is employed by the insured within the policy year.
  • Group Health Insurance: A tailor made policy which covers a group of people formally associated with an institution/organization. Click here to know the best health insurance solution for you and your loved ones.

Accidental Insurance - We all are exposed to the risks of accidents in our day to day lives. Despite all potential precautions accidents do occur which can result into impairment or loss of limbs or generally even death. This policy provides compensation within the event of insured sustaining injuries, exclusively and directly from an accident caused by violent, visible and external suggests that, ensuing into death or impairment be it temporary or permanent. A personal accident policy typically covers: Death, Permanent Total or Partial Disability, Temporary Total Disability resulting in Loss of Income, Accidental Medical Expenses, Carriage of Mortal Remains, Purchase of Blood, Family Transportation, Broken Bones, and Children Education Allowance etc.

Click here to know the best Accidental insurance solution for you and your loved ones.

Travel Insurance - Travelling could be a passion for most but at the same time, it is additionally vulnerable to sure spoilers which can ruin your travel experience.

Travel Insurance covers those risks associated with your travel abroad or in your country and is a must to have cover in few countries.

It usually covers Medical Expenses, Dental Expenses, Accidental Expenses, Loss of Passport, Loss of Belongings, Delays of trip, Trip Cancellation, Medical Evacuation and lot many things. Click here to grasp the most effective Travel insurance solution for you and your admired ones..

Home and Other Personal Insurances - different personal insurances embrace Home Insurance that covers fire, felony and risks of Natural Calamities inflicting loss / harm to your property, electrical and Electronic Appliance Insurances, Personal Liability Cover and importantly "Life Insurance Cover" which helps financial loss to your family in case of your demise due to any cause.